Coming Soon: Deal the Villain – EPic


Oh boy…I can’t wait for this project to come out…Deal the Villain, 1/12th of the Elite Assembly, will soon be releasing an EP entitled “EPic.” Presented by the fine folks over at… You may have heard him on such tracks as “Caveman Boogie” (my current fave Elite Assembly joint), “Guillotine” or “March Madness” (as part of World Class Wrecking Crew), or rocked out to his production on the AOK Collective banger, “Body Bag.” He just dropped a collabo with Tommy Chase of St. Joe Louis (see previous post), and I’m eagerly anticipating the return of his podcasts, Villainous Volume Radio and The Deal Dub. I could go on and on about this fellow, but I’ll let his work speak for himself. Check him out on MySpace, tune in to his shenanigans and musings on Twitter, or download his podcasts and prepare to be entertained.

P.S. *shameless plug* The photo for Mr. Villain’s upcoming project is by yours truly!

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