Coming Soon: Wordspit – The Coolest BBOI Stance


Photo by EMA Photography

Ambassador of East New York (BK). Self-proclaimed Jedi. Cipher/video game addict. Poet. Singer. MC.

Been waiting for this project to drop since the day I first met Wordspit many moons ago… I’ve been fortunate to be a part of his journey this past year, and so excited that those of you who don’t know about Wordspit finally will!

Peep the press release…

World Premiere of Joystick Madness and The Coolest BBOI Stance to Drop in August



Brooklyn, NY, July, 31 2009 – The wait is almost over. Brooklyn based MC Wordspit will officially release his much anticipated EP entitled, ‘The Coolest BBOI Stance’, on Aug. 24. The first single off the album, ‘Joystick Madness’, will be released and available for download on Aug. 3 with the video debuting on Aug. 10.

To gear up for the video and album release, the entire month of August will be packed with special performances and events. Wordspit will be kicking it all off on Saturday, Aug. 1 at 12:00 a.m. with a live Ustream broadcast debuting his new website,, as well as discussing the inspiration behind the album and album art.

Aug. 1

Live Ustream Broadcast

Aug. 3

Release of Joystick Madness via Usershare

Aug. 8

Triple L Society Presents: “Summer High”

Aug. 9

Joystick Madness Video Release Event

Aug. 10

Official release of Joystick Madness Video

Aug. 11

Save Darfur

Aug. 13

Hip Hop at Voodoo Lounge

Aug. 19

FRSH Pulp Live at Wealthy Hostage

Aug. 24

The Coolest BBOI Stance Release Party

For more information about Wordspit, events and performances, visit or contact David Hamilton, Event Details for the video and album release events will be released at a later date.

About Wordspit

Don’t be fooled by his appearance. Whether rockin’ two French braids or dubi wrap and a smile, Wordspit is a beast on the mic with a force that can only be derived from the streets of East New York. Hailing from the borough that has birthed some of the best rappers to put pen to paper and mouth to mic, Wordspit holds his own with ease. Citing Canibus, Jay-Z  and Nas as influences, his lyrical style mirrors their greatness while allowing the essence of who he is as an M.C. to out shine the competition. His artistic delivery is so amazingly illustrated, that it has earned him a place on the Next 1000 Top Mover List and features on and in Bleu Magazine.

For more information visit:

Wordspit – “Not a Joke This Year”

Wordspit (MySpace):


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