Donny Goines @ Blender Theater – 8.3.09

Donny Goines Marquee

Must be nice to see your name in lights…

Last night I checked out Donny Goines as he headlined Blender Theater. Also performing were Monsters Ink (whose set I missed cuz I was running late), P. So, Esso and Poison Pen. It was good to see a lot of people come out for this show and I had a great time. So here’s the rundown:

The first act I caught was P. So (formerly known as P. Casso). He had a jam-packed set, with his trumpet player, members of the AOK Collective (Homeboy Sandman, 8THW1 & Fresh Daily) and DJ Sosa as his supporting cast. My favorite part from his set was when he invited Desperado Soul on stage to rock with the cowbell he was playing while he was performing “Stress,” the song he used to perform with Nola Darling (currently grinding on the West Coast – I miss those ladies!). He also wowed the crowd by having a “Guitar Hero” beat battle with DJ Sosa. Still not sure who won, though…LOL

If you haven’t downloaded P. So’s free mixtape, “Earthtones” yet, you’re doing yourself a major disservice. It’s on repeat in my phone! Get it here.



Desperado Soul playing the cowbell



Next up was Esso… I had attended his listening party at bObs for a previous project a couple months back, but had yet to see him perform. Esso performed tracks off his soon to be released mixtape, “Off the Wall.” Yes, of Michael Jackson fame…He explained that he had begun work on the project 5 months before MJ passed, and decided to put it out, despite the thought that he might be jumping on the MJ bandwagon. Soon, Esso had turned Blender into an MJ party. It was refreshing to see him and his hypeman cutting a rug on stage; rappers nowadays think they’re too cool for that stuff…Check out Esso’s listening party for “Off the Wall” tonight @ Pop Burger!






Following Esso was Poison Pen. The self-proclaimed “Bedstuy Best Buy” took to the stage with many members of the EOW fam, notably Sarah Connor and J Arch… Pen started his set by drinking half a bottle of Henny – all at once. Crazy! In all his BK finery, Poison Pen and Friends amped up the crowd with sick rhymes and hilarious antics (Pen somehow went flying across the stage after a mock punch to the face. LOL). My favorite line?

“You shouldn’t throw stones if you have a glass house

And if you got a glass jaw, you should watch your mouth

Cuz I’ll BREAK YO’ FACE!…” (insert screwface here)

At the end of his set, Poison Pen proceeded to give out his address…complete with directions…and told the crowd to stop by any say hey. Seriously though, with Colin Monroe giving out his cell # at the Homebase show, what’s with artists sharing such sensitive info with the public?

Poison Pen gave the audience a highly entertaining set. I haven’t seen him perform a full set since Knitting Factory was open (it closed last year), and it was definitely worth the while. Poison Pen’s new album, “The Money Shot,” dropped today, and can be found at Best Buy, etc… I highly recommend that you cop it!

Poison Pen

Poison Pen and Sarah Connor


Poison Pen drinking half a bottle of Henny

Finally, it was the turn of the headliner, Donny Goines, to rock. He brought a slew of guests of talented artists: Emilio Rojas, Che Grand, Donwill and Von Pea of Tanya Morgan and Jeremy Carr, a singer. Rare that I’ve seen a hip hop show with someone singing a hook that wasn’t Jesse Boykins. LOL…but dude was pretty good…Donny gave the crowd a very energetic performance, and it’s clear that he’s one of those who gives his all and leaves everything on the stage.

Donny Goines


Donny Goines and Emilio Rojas

Donny Goines and Che Grand

Donny Goines serenading a lady in the crowd

Donny Goines with Donwill and Von Pea of Tanya Morgan and Jeremy Carr

Donny Goines and Von Pea of Tanya Morgan


Download Donny Goines lastest project, “The Breakfast Club” here.

After the show, K. Gaines from The Sleepwalkas asked to shoot around with my camera. He took this lovely photo of me, that’s now my Twitter profile pic. Thanks, Gaines!

Me after the Donny Goines show @ Blender TheatrePhoto by K. Gaines of the Sleepwalkas

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  1. Ben says:

    hey, i love the coverage. i wish Donny would head out to the Bay Area so I could see him perform sometime. Anyway, I wrote a review of The Breakfast Club and I would love it if you could read it. I am new in the blogging game so any feedback is much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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