Meet Caktuz..?13


Monday, I hooked up with Caktuz..?13 to do a mini-shoot; I needed photos for an upcoming project (more on that real soon) and he offered to have me shadow him while he went on an interview for Street Heat, an online show hosted by Shampoo. Caktuz’s segment was lots of fun to watch, and I also learned a lot about him in the process. For instance, Caktuz is an artist, an illustrator, a stylist, a mentor, an actor, a filmmaker…and that’s just the tip of the iceberg… I would put him in the same “renaissance man” vein as Melo-X. He’s a DIY-er (Do It Yourself), and listening to him as he shared his life story with me throughout the day was enlightening, to say the least. We hung out at the South Street Seaport after the interview,  then went to BK, where he was meeting a partner to review footage from an upcoming film project (I promised to say no more about it than that. All I can say is that I can’t wait to check it out when it comes out!). Throughout the day, I learned about how the father of this North Carolina native used to take him around DC early Saturday mornings when all he wanted to do was watch cartoons and ride his bike; how he wasn’t taken seriously as an artist when he started out because people only knew him as an illustrator; how he got his first break as an illustrator for Mark Ecko while still in prison for a crime he didn’t commit; how he has his own trading card; what it was like working with Melvin van Peebles…and so much more. Honestly, if I were a journalist, I would have enough material to write a feature on dude. And he would be so deserving of it!

Today, I finally checked out his latest video for an inspirational song called Yes! (I’m Gonna Make It), feat. ,Ken Alston of 3 Mo’ Tenors. It was partially shot during his recent tour in Paris and the UK and is a collage of sorts, blending video footage with photos…Lo and behold, I found a photo of mine, that I had taken of Caktuz and Cavalier at a past show. (Peep the pic at 2:20.)

Check out some of the photos from my day with Caktuz..?13, and look out for his upcoming EP entitled “God’z Porno” (WOW.)

You can find him on MySpace or on his website:

Oh, and ladies…he’s single…

6 Responses to “Meet Caktuz..?13”
  1. Cav says:

    Liz and Cak love yal both.. dope DOPE post.. cant wait for our day lizzy.. NRO need that Liz touch. crazy too i had only seen ya t-shirt blog.. (psst by the way i still got yo SHIRT woman!)

  2. bobby wright says:

    what up this is cool

  3. Anissa Otero says:

    I like Cak alot. What a powerful person but he didn’t let us know all this about him. WOW! Cak keep up the great work and when we have any concerns he never hesitates to get right back to you. I love this man! Much blessings and success to both of you.

  4. kenNY says:

    As the train continues on…next stop!!!SUCCESS…PROSPERITY…I C U LIKE S.S.S. ha!ha!

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