G-Shock Event @ Cipriani – 8.5.09

So I get the call from Andre Clarke to cover the G-Shock “Shock The World 2009” event featuring a performance by Kanye West earlier this week… I didn’t mention it to you guys because honestly, I didn’t much about it. I just knew I was going to be covering the gifting suite, where TTK would be showing off his custom kicks (By the way, I’ll be posting photos from his recent birthday party/art exhibit soon. In the meantime, you can see some of them on his blog). So sorry to all of you who hit me up about it the day of; I didn’t even know where I was supposed to go until a couple of hours before the event!

So I get to Cipriani Wall St. around 9pm to find madness on the block… EVERYBODY was there, and you could just hear the phone calls and text messages flying around from people trying to figure out how to get in… I jump on the “will call” line and pray that my ticket is there, even though I got a phone call from Dre earlier in the day to confirm. Guess who’s standing right in front of me? Colin Munroe (who recently performed at SOB’s as the headliner for the Homebase Anniversary show)! “What the hell are you doing on line, Colin?” I ask him. Seriously? Security and event help need a crash course in “People Who Should Never Have to Wait on Line for Anything: 101.” I pointed him in the direction of the artist/VIP entry… Soon after, I picked up my ticket (Yes! It was there…) and went into Cipriani. I’ve never been to any of their locations in city, and the place was bustling…

I call Dre to tell him I was there, and he told me to go upstairs to VIP. This was gonna be fun…Staff was telling me that I couldn’t go upstairs to shoot, but finally got the OK when Dre explained the situation to them. Then security wouldn’t let me up – even though STAFF was telling them to let me through! Finally, a gentleman from upstairs came and escorted me past security. Take that!

VIP had me feeling like a kid in a candy store…I ran into Wordspit, David Hamilton and Peter Hadar, and was trying to shoot them, but kept running into the likes of Russell Simmons, Kid Capri, DJ Cassidy, Estelle, O’neal McKnight and Adrienne Bailon (Cheetah Girls). Angie Martinez (Hot 97), Erykah Badu, Ashanti, Ryan Leslie, Que from Day 26 and Bun B were also in attendance, but I didn’t see them (sigh).

O'Neal McKnight

Estelle and Adrienne Bailon

After shooting around for a bit, I went into the gift suite, where TTK, others vendors and sponsors (such as Nuvo and Triple Fat Goose) were showing their products to celebrities. TTK had created two original pieces of artwork for the G-Shock event, as well as several customized kicks.




While I was at the gift suite, Adrienne Bailon, O’Neal McKnight, Melanie Fiona, Anthony Anderson, Terence J & Rocsi from 106 & Park stopped by TTK’s table. Also ran into Mike from YUME…

Mike (YUME), TTK and Andre Clarke

TTK and Adrienne Bailon

Anthony Anderson checking out TTK's table

TTK and Anthony Anderson

TTK, Andre Clarke, Mike (YUME) and Wordspit

Melanie Fiona checking out TTK's table

Andre Clarke and Melanie Fiona

Melanie Fiona and O'Neal McKnight

Terence J and TTK

Terence J, Rocsi and Anthony Anderson

And then…THE MAN walked into the room. Casio Timepiece Division VP Shigenori Itoh…Dre presented him with a TTK piece and pair of customized kicks. He looked very pleased with the gifts…


At this time, it was time for Kanye West’s performance, so everyone moved to the balcony. I went downstairs, where I watched the show with Wordspit, David Hamilton, Estelle and Melanie Fiona. It was so cool to see these ladies in the crowd, enjoying Kanye’s performance and singing along just like the rest of us! We weren’t allowed to shoot Kanye, but I got one pic with my cell phone:

Kanye performing at G-Shock event

Kanye’s lady friend Amber Rose was in attendance. She’s GORGEOUS in person! The pictures I’ve seen don’t do her justice…

Amber Rose

That’s DJ Enuff in the booth with Amber Rose. He was the DJ for the evening…

After Kanye’s performance, I ran into Fabolous and DJ Clue, who totally ignored me when I asked for a photo. I’d appreciate a “cool” or even a “no, thanks,” fellas… DJ Cassidy, on the other hand, was more than happy to flick it up. He was rocking a pair of this new Rockport shoes:

DJ Cassidy Rockports

DJ Cassidy

Ran into DJ Enuff, Kid Capri and Colin Munroe again on his way out and got a pic of him with Wordspit:

DJ Enuff and Kid Capri

Colin Munroe and Wordspit

All in all, it was a great evening. Check the gallery for photos of the G-Shock watches and more! Eternal thanks to Andre Clarke (Clinic for Kicks) and TTK for making this possible for me!

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