Sobe Fridays: The Finale – 8.7.09

Yesterday was the last Sobe Fridays event @ the Hudson Terrace. For the past 6 weeks or so, we were provided a place to hang out at on Fridays from 1-8pm…each week brought us a combination of drinks, food, music, photography, fashion and complimentary spa treatments. Did I mention it was all FREE? I went to 3 Sobe Fridays and had a great time with my fellow young professionals. Each time there were more and more people as word got around. The finale was bananas!

I got to the spot around 3:30 pm with the goal of getting the complimentary pedicure I’ve been trying to score since the first time I went. Lucky for me, Joey Too Fresh of was at the very front of the line when I got there and let me jump in with him. About AN HOUR LATER, we were finally able to go upstairs, where we were met the scent of roasted corn on the cob. YUM! Upstairs, we hung out in the garden and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

AJ (of 106 & Park fame) was in attendance:


After my pedicure and a second corn on the cob (with cheese!), I went back downstairs to watch the performances. First up was Anjulie. She performed a couple of songs off her debut album, currently available in Starbucks shops.





Walked around the space after Anjulie’s set…they had Wii golf, arcade games, and air hockey. Scratch Academy was offering tutorials in turntablism. And the Sobe lizard was cutting a rug with the Retro Kidz…good times all around!




Deephunk playing the part of DJ


Then came time for the main event…Talib Kweli. I was disappointed that he only performed 3 or 4 songs, but of course “Get By” made me forget all that for a fleeting moment. The crowd singing along made for a wonderful feeling!

Talib Kweli




Right before Talib’s set, they cordoned off an area near the front of the stage. I soon found out that it was because Cassie was in the building.

This is the “TMZ” version (LOL):

Cassie on her cell phone

And this is the EMA Photography version:

Cassie and friends

After Talib’s set, the grand finale really commenced, with DJ Cassidy taking over the turntables and spinning til the very end.

DJ Cassidy

I’m convinced that Cassidy only wears red… He was most likely also sporting his DJ Cassidy Rockports:

DJ Cassidy x Rockport

When Cassidy went into the 90’s jams, it was only normal for the Retro Kidz to take to the stage to entertain the crowd. Soon after, Mazzi (S.O.U.L Purpose) joined them…I was subject to a Retro Kidz “sandwich” featuring myself. =)









Coltrane, the host for the evening, even joined in on the fun…

Coltrane dances with the Retro Kidz

Cassidy winded down the evening by playing old TV theme songs such as “Facts of Life,” “Good Times,” “Cheers,” and “Three’s Company.” It was awesome, cuz everybody knew the words!

I had a fantastic time at the finale of Sobe Fridays. This is the type of event we need more of in New York City. I can only hope that it will return next summer. Shouts to Joey Too Fresh, TreZure the Empress, Rae Holliday over at, Jintrovert, Deephunk, Jason Negron, Petey Wheat, Maine Buchanan, Mary Pryor, Christian Law, Jey of, Rene Abdo and everyone else who came out!

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  1. Cav says:

    dooope. of course as usual, cav the hermit missed it all. ha!

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