Wordspit – Joystick Madness (Video)


The Virgo in me won’t say much about the fact that the above photo misspells “MADNESS.” LOL

Last night, I attended the video release party for “Joystick Madness” by Wordspit. No photos cuz I got there 15 min. before the official end of the party, thanks to having to work and taking 4 trains to get from Queens to Brooklyn…but I will tell you that the party was a great success! It was hot like a sauna up in that place; somebody devoured half the can of Pringles I bought less than 5 min. after I set it on the table; and we managed to blow out the speakers at the end of the night (bummer). But there was a Street Fighter 4 tournament going on in one room and a hell of a party in the other (before the speakers blew)!

At the end of the night, we came together and pondered the progress and growth of Wordspit, as well as our own. It’s been a long and not-so-peachy journey, but the blessings and fruits of our labor are evident.

With that being said, I present to you the latest video by Wordspit, directed by Naheem Adio. Shouts to David Hamilton for a great party last night!

Want more Wordspit? Check him out at www.wordspitwashere.com.

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