Marsha Ambrosius @ SOBs – 8.12.09

Didn’t know if I was going to make it to Marsha Ambrosius’ (formerly of Floetry) show at SOB’s until I got there…and when I did get there, the line stretched down an entire city block…reminds me of the first time I saw Floetry perform. Same place, same scenario. I was happy to see Cion from Brokn.Englsh and some of his friends at the front of the line, so I hung out with them until the doors opened. I ran to the store to buy a snack, and upon my return, learned that Raheem DeVaughn had just entered the building. I was oh so excited, hoping that Marsha and Raheem would perform “Marathon” together.

Doors finally opened at 8pm, and I made my way to the front of the stage to hold down a spot before going to find Raheem DeVaughn to say hello…his artist Phil Ade was performing at Drom the same night, so was pulling double duty. I was happy to learn that his next (double!) album, “War and Masterpeace” will be dropping in the fall. Look out for it!

Raheem DeVaughn

Marsha’s began soon after…the big surprise was that her band was none other than the Legendary Roots Crew! Awesome to see Questlove, Captain Kirk and the rest of the guys rocking…That Captain Kirk is a BEAST.

The Roots!



Marsha looked fantastic and was visibly beaming from all the love the audience gave her. Her birthday was last week, so this was obviously a special performance for her. She performed songs off her mixtape “Yours Truly” and oldies-but-goodies from the Floetry era. Her Michael Jackson tribute was genius; she sang Thriller to the intrumental from a Floetry song! She also performed part of a song she was working on for MJ before he passed, as well the song she wrote that he ended up using, that I consider to be his last hit – “Butterflies.”

Marsha Ambrosius







After the show, I ran into Holley Monelle, TreZure the Empress (who will be performing at Rock the Block in BK tomorrow), Harlem’s Cash, Torae and Big Pooh, as well as a couple of the old “Floetry Fam” crew. We used to be regulars on the Floetry message board and met up at tons of Floetry shows…Ah, memories…


Torae, TreZure the Empress and Harlem's Cash

Peep more photos after the jump. (Actually, I don’t really know what that means, but I see it on other blogs a lot. LOL)

Follow Marsha Ambrosius on Twitter, and download her mixtape, “Yours Truly” here.

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