Rock the Block Fest @ Southpaw – 8.7.09

My apologies for this post coming a week late, but better late than never, right?

So last Friday I attended Day 2 of the Rock the Block Fest (not to be confused with Rock the Block going on tomorrow in DUMBO) at Southpaw. Day 1 was headlined by Styles P, who ended up bringing out Jadakiss and Sheek Louch to round out The LOX and Pharoahe Monch. I heard it was bananas!!! Day 2 was headlined by Freeway, with performances by Kimberly Nichole and Hezekiah.

I got there a few minutes before Kimberly Nichole took to the stage… It was weird to see her open for someone like Freeway, with a room full of dudes, but let me tell  you something – she KILLED it!!! Floored everyone… Kimberly Nichole is one of those singers whom you would never guess could have a voice as powerful as she has. She’s a self-proclaimed “skinny girl with the puffy hair” from Seattle by way of Atlanta, who now resides in NYC. Her debut album, “Kimberly Nichole & the Yellow Brick Journey” is dropping August 29th, but you can purchase an advance copy NOW on her website,

Kimberly Nichole





Jason Negron did a great job as host, giving out goodies to the crowd and cracking jokes to keep us entertained until the next act…

Jason Negron

…while Marthalicia blessed us with live art. She did a piece on Freeway…dope!



Next up was Hezekiah, an artist from Philly. He opened his set with an intro by his horn section, Me So Horny (LOL).

Me So Horny

I liked Hezekiah’s energy…He never forgot to engage the crowd, and he left me wanted to hear more of his work. He’s worked with Bilal and Freeway, and currently has a project out for free download entitled “Cure for the Common Soul.”





The evening got crazy after Hezekiah rocked the stage…drunken business ensued… This concert-goer took the mic from Jason Negron and requested a couple of MC’s who had gone on before Kimberly Nichole to rock again. So they performed one more song, to the delight of the crowd, who apparently came out in force to support them.



THEN comes the major news of the evening…Freeway pulled out from the show at the last minute and wouldn’t be performing. A week later and I still don’t really know why he didn’t show up. All I can say is that this would’ve been my first time seeing him perform and was actually very excited to see his show. Oh well… I’m glad the opening acts did an amazing job! Check out more photos of them below…

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