“4 The Love of Hip Hop” @ Voodoo Lounge – 8.13.09

It’s not often that you go to a hip hop show and everyone on the bill brings their A-game. Thursday night @ Voodoo Lounge happened to be one of them.

“4 The Love of Hip Hop” showcased some of NYC’s hottest up-and-coming independent MC’s. This show was put together by Final Outlaw and Ju Invictus, and showed the evening’s attendees why we love hip hop so much…

This was the first time I’ve been to a show where the majority of the crowd was from Queens. It’s like Brooklyn was non-existent! LOL

The bad points of the night were the fact that the A/C was busted (we were all fanning ourselves with flyers) and the sound was HORRIBLE. But the MC’s who rocked were good sports; they still gave 110% in the heat and did what they could to rock the crowd despite the sound issues.

Too many artists to cover, so I invite you to check out the photo recap. Although there were a few memorable moments (like Wordspit performing shirt-less yet again; Niles BODYING his set and doing my new favorite joint, “Phantom of the Opera”; and Final Outlaw’s SICK lyrics), the highlight of my night? Kalil Kash, Top $ Raz (who together form Black Dinero) and J Monopoly performing a new joint called “Right in the Kissah” – AWESOME! The energy of that song transferred effortlessly to the crowd, and we were singing along in no time…”Bang! Pow! Right in the Kissah!” Good times =) The song was made available for download today, and it’s already in heavy rotation on my laptop… Preview/download it here.

Kudos to David E. Beats, So Soon, HiJynx, Prezzure, Niles, O.I.S.D., J Monopoly, Kalil Kash, Top $ Raz, Wordspit, Hipnotic, YC the Cynic and Final Outlaw for a fantastic evening! Want more info on these artists? Check out the links below:

David E. Beats – myspace.com/tonenswaggahent

So Soon – www.sosoonmusic.com

HiJynx – myspace.com/sayhi1

Prezzure – www.prezzure.net

Niles – myspace.com/1alias

O.I.S.D. – myspace.com/oisdmusik2008

J Monopoly – myspace.com/j_monopolyoisd

Kalil Kash – myspace.com/kalilkash862

Top $ Raz – myspace.com/farrockchamp

Wordspit – www.wordspitwashere.com

Hipnotic – myspace.com/mrhipnotic

YC the Cynic – myspace.com/ycthecynic

Final Outlaw – myspace.com/finaloutlaw

3 Responses to ““4 The Love of Hip Hop” @ Voodoo Lounge – 8.13.09”
  1. Great show, i’m mad at myself for missing it. Really nice photos too!

  2. newrapsongs says:

    yeah i missed it also.

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