Fresh Daily’s “Gorgeous Killer…” In-Store @ Fat Beats – 8.18.09

Fresh Daily & the fam outside Fat Beats for the "Gorgeous Killer..." in-store

Yesterday I jetted to Fat Beats for Fresh Daily‘s in-store to celebrate the release of his long-awaited album, “Gorgeous Killer: In Crimes of Passion.” I was proud of myself for getting there at 7:02pm (event started at 7pm), but I wasn’t the first one there (*insert disappointed face* LOL).

Went upstairs and was greeted with this makeshift sign:


Wasn’t long before I realized that it was hot as BALLS up in Fat Beats! They only had ONE FAN going… What’s with spots doing big events/shows and not having any A/C? (see post on Voodoo Lounge.) Yet another event to add to my list of “The Things I Do In the Name of Hip Hop.”

Ran into the homie NattyNight, a fellow underground documenter (who along with her brother, Donovan Kasp, are probably responsible for at least half of all the underground hip hop coverage in NYC you’ll find on YouTube. AT LEAST HALF. REAL TALK.). Natty showed off her newest toy, a Nikon D40x – which so happens to be what I use! So now we’re twins! (Triplets if you count Prezzure) A game of “shoot the photog” ensued:


It was great seeing the lovely DJ Sarah Love (BBC Radio), who is in town for a few days. (Happy Belated Birthday!)

Sarah Love

As people trickled in and the case of Fresh’s brand new album arrived (courtesy of Sucio Smash), I proceeded to capture the fans post-purchase:

Richard Louissaint

Annie and her pops!

Back Wordz (Rebel Starr)


(Peep Fresh Daily’s 1st offering from back in the day…hand drawn cover!)



Prezzure and Back Wordz

The majority of us stayed outside because it was so hot upstairs… 7/12ths of Elite Assembly was in the building (Brokn.Englsh, Elete and Michael Cardigan of St. Joe Louis, Daniel Joseph and Prezzure):


Also in attendance was Kingpin Kel, fresh from his trip to Cuba!

Kingpin Kel

Finally, Fresh Daily made his grand entrance…fashionably late, of course. We all went upstairs to check out his performance; felt like chuch up in there, with everyone fanning themselves with flyers. Fresh was wiping his face with (a flyer of) his face – Classic.


Special guests were P. So and Homeboy Sandman, and Sucio Smash was the DJ for the night…


Sucio Smash

Homeboy Sandman


P. So

Fresh Daily



Fresh then wrapped up his set with a freestyle session, and opened up the floor for the MC’s in the room to rock with him. Good fun!














Meanwhile, Fresh signed autographs for the fans…


It was a great night. Congratulations to Fresh Daily! A special kudos to everyone who came out and braved the suffocating heat to pack out Fat Beats! Shouts to NattyNight, Sarah Love, Sucio Smash, 2 Hungry Bros, Richard Louissaint, Annie (and her dad, who came out in crutches!), Daniel Joseph, St. Joe Louis, Brokn.Englsh, Homeboy Sandman, Mr. Beatz, Outasight, Coole High, Ciph Diggy from The Sleepwalkas, Chaz Kangas. Rephstar, Jinesis, Back Wordz from Rebel Starr, Trends, Kalae, Matty Matrix, Craig Hackey, Kingpin Kel, Prezzure, Potholes In My Blog, P. So, Deephunk, Alice in Wonderland, The Brown Bag All Stars and anybody else who came out – too many too mention!

Remember to pick up “Gorgeous Killer: In Crimes of Passion” at Fat Beats, on iTunes or wherever you find Fresh Daily – like Saturday @ Southpaw for the release show!

gorgeous killer


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  1. Natty says:

    Great post as always Liz! you forgot about our ummm interesting Brokn Englsh impromptu video message hahahahaha …good times as always =)

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