9.11.09 – 8 Years Later




I took these photos last year while in Soho and LES on the night of Sept. 11th. Eight years ago, New Yorkers and Americans in general were rocked by the worst attack and loss of human life ever experienced on our soil. We will always remember where we were when the events that unfolded that day occurred… The Tribute in Light (as shown above), is a yearly reminder of the buildings that once stood where the lights now rise to the heavens.

September 11th is now Patriot Day and a day where we are called to public service and volunteer work. I chose this day to donate the backpacks, school supplies and sneakers that were so generously given to me by all of you to the Urban Family Center at the Henry Street Settlement, a family shelter on the Lower East Side. Many thanks to Doze and Deal the Villain for helping with transporting everything, as well as all of you who came to my fundraiser, donated money or supplies, or sent words of encouragement for my endeavor. I hope to make this an annual event that will grow and be able to provide back to school supplies for the youth of our city who need it the most.


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