MySpace Secret Show feat. Ghostface Killah – 9.30.09


I didn’t plan on going to this show, because free (+ MySpace) shows tend to get crazy, and I was ready late because I was coming from another show across town. But I couldn’t resist checking it out, and the possibility of getting to see Ghostface Killah for the first time was too tempting…Ghost was celebrating the release of his latest album, “Ghostdini: Wizard of Poetry.” I was coming from another show with Billie Sunshine (MADOnly), TreZure the Empress, and our friends Cynthia and Fire, and when we got to Hiro Ballroom, we found a line wrapped around the block. Bummer… Lucky for me, Billie spotted a friend at the door who was able to help us bypass all of that. Score!

Inside, people were packed in like sardines. Some had been patiently waiting for hours for get in, and then for the show to begin. Unfortunately, I had just missed Jasmine Solano’s opening performance =(


I have no idea where this guy came from, but he ended up “treating” us to a little dance on stage. Ew.



Thank goodness he got kicked off the stage… Cipha Sounds and Peter Rosenberg kept the crowd entertained until Ghostface hit the stage.

Cipha Sounds and Peter Rosenberg

A commotion on my right caused me to look over and see REDMAN walking right past me! This was going to be a dope show…Finally, the main show was about to begin. Fans started throwing up W’s (for Wu-Tang, in case you didn’t know.):


Ghostface came out and the crowd went crazy… He performed a slew of classic joints from his previous albums (including my favorite, “Ice Cream,” from which I got my internet alter-ego, ChocoDeluxe)…

Ghostface Killah




Then came the special guests… U-God:






Redman (this is where I text my uncle and he doesn’t believe me. He’s been feenin’ to see Redman perform forEVER!):



Large Professor:

Large Professor


and Kid Cudi:

Kid Cudi


Right before Ghost was about to bring out his last guest, a little scuffle broke out on the left side of the stage. U-God and Ghost explained to the crowd the it had to do with family issues, and wasn’t serious. I was afraid it would spill out into the crowd…but it didn’t. Kudos to Ghost for handling a potentially damaging situation with poise…

Last but not least, Ghostface brought out Raheem DeVaughn (one of my favorite singers!) to perform two songs, one of which is their current smash single, “Baby.”

Ghostface and Raheem DeVaughn



Afterwards, Ghost apologized to the crowd for the on-stage drama earlier, and ended the show by asking the audience to say “peace.”




All in all, it was a great show… many thanks to Billie Sunshine and Shampoo for facilitating my entry, and kudos to all the fam in the building!

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