Suite903 Launch Event feat. Marsha Ambrosius & Jesse Boykins III – 9.30.09

Tonight was one of those nights where you plan on keeping things simple, but end up with way more than you bargained for (in a good way)… My first stop was to Ella, where Marsha Ambrosius (formerly of Floetry) and Jesse Boykins III put on a performance for the Suite903 launch party. Suite903 ( is a new site dedicated to Soul music and culture. The event was sponsored by Hennessy Artistry and Fader Magazine. The music was provided by Waajeed (of Platinum Pied Pipers) and OP!

Ella is a lovely little lounge in LES which features a stage downstairs; it’s one of those spots that fill up very quickly…I was happy to run into Jesse Boykins and Marsha Ambrosius during the meet-and-greet portion of the event:

Jesse Boykins III

Marsha Ambrosius

The room was filled to capacity long before the performances began…


… but the flowing Hennessy kept everyone in a jovial mood.


Jesse Boykins III opened the show with a few song off his latest album, “The Beauty Created.” He’s one of my favorite singers, up & coming or established; his voice is something very special!




For his last song, “Pantyhose,” he picked out a young lady in the crowd for a very sexy seranade. I don’t think she was too happy with the idea at first…


…but she slowly started to fall to Jesse’s charm…


…and in the end, everyone was happy =)


We were then treated to a special performance by the phenomenal Kimberly Nichole, who sang a rendition of “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley that literally gave me goosebumps!




Up next was Marsha Ambrosius, whom I’ve been following for several years, since her days as a member of the fantastic group, Floetry. Ms. Ambrosius performed old favorites and a couple of new songs from her upcoming album, with the piano as her sole accompaniment.




After Marsha’s performance, Waajeed turned the evening into a party, and Marsha stuck around to chat with fans and take pictures. Also in attendance was Emily King, a New York-based singer who opened up for Floetry in the past.

Emily King and Marsha Ambrosius

It was a great event all around, and a night of appreciation for GOOD music. Kudos to Marsha for promoting Jesse Boykins’ album, “The Beauty Created”!


Check out more photos of the show and the beautiful people who attended…

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