M. Island – Shut Up (Video)

M. Island presents the video for his single, “Shut Up,” off the debut digital EP “From Darkness 2 Light”. Directed by Rodolfo Duran, rowdiness and zipped lips ensue… I especially enjoy the visuals! Rooftop sunsets… dark basements…Thumbs up!

M. Island – “Shut Up”

One Response to “M. Island – Shut Up (Video)”
  1. akissa says:

    I’m glad i’m the first to bless this brothas blog post. Since the first day i heard him at a show that we performed on the same bill at in the bronx i was intrigued.The minute he opened his mouth he struck a nerve to my musical world. It’s been a while since i’ve heard anyone outside of the biggie’s and the jay z’s that really made me want to listen! If anyone out there hasn’t downloaded the “YES” album..you need to stop playin and do it…i listen to it every morning to start my day.Feel good album from beggining to end. “U can make it” hit very close to home, Losing my mom at the very young age of 42 was very hard. I was 18 and just had my first child. She only got to spend a month with me and my daughter, but they were precious moments. Hearing him speak of his mother in that light was so refreshing..because it was beyond real! I really appreciated it. He made us listen and bounce with every song he did. I was honestly stuck.His presence is something that makes you go home and say Damn his swagg is serious. I have a lot of respect for him and his music and will continue to support realness..because that’s what he delivers…I just hope everyone follows suit! God bless him and much continued success!

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