Show/Event Picks of the Week – 11.9.09

Getting lazy with the descriptions today, so I’ll just add them only if the flyer is lacking…

Monday, 11,9.09


Tuesday, 11.10.09



(Come see me get my cameo-on in the “Cherry Popper” video! At least I think so… Lyriqs 2 Go said my footage MAY or MAY NOT be used. LOL)


(Same block as Bob’s… no excuses!)

Wednesday, 11.11.09


Thursday, 11.12.09


Attention: NEW PARTY! 90’s jams all night…and the DJ lineup is STUPID! I’d follow these DJ’s anywhere…Did I mention it was free?




Sutra was one of the first spots I was introduced to while starting out in photography. Home to many a legendary night, where celebs mingle and party with us normal folk in a spirit of positivity and good times, it is easily one of my favorite places to party in NYC. Ariel and John always show me so much love, and it was the natural choice come time to celebrate my 30th birthday a few months ago. Come out as Sutra celebrates 5 years on the scene!

Friday, 11.13.09

I’ve only been to one Art Battles event, and it was epic… this time, four artists will be battling two on two. It will be Leif McIlwaine & Ben Angotti VS Andre Trenier & Marthalicia Matarrita.

While the painting is happening – there will also be a B-Boy vs. Tap battle on the dance floor.





Goodie Mob (especially my boo, Cee-Lo), Scarface AND Slick Rick? Nuff said…

Saturday, 11.14.09


(Lineup includes Hasan Salaam, Division X, Lady Che, YC the cynic, Marcel Cartier, Maximil of Regime Change, and many more!)

Sunday, 11.15.09

If you’re in Jersey or feel like taking that PATH train into Newark, check out this event on Sunday… Newark might be my new chill spot…


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