Happy Birthday, Charles Anthony!


Gotta big up the man who “discovered” me on his born day; if it weren’t for this dude here, there would be no EMA Photography, and I’m pretty sure that I would never have met 99% of you…I met Charles Anthony in November 2007, before I even had a camera. I told him that I wanted to take my photo hobby more seriously, and he offered to take me to some events and introduce me to some people… I got my camera in January 2008, and true to his word, he took me under his wing and made me a Hustlemode affiliate. The first event I covered was a show which featured performances by Mickey Factz, John Robinson and Peter Hadar. I also met Fresh Daily that night, as well as the people I consider my nucleus: Martha, Cynthia and Jina (Jintrovert). And it’s been an adventure ever since… Through Charles, I found my niche in the indie scene and discovered so much music I never knew existed. Because of him, you’ll often find me covering red carpet events (sometimes I’m the only female shooting the carpet) and countless celebrity parties. And thanks to him, I know all of you…

So Charles Anthony, here’s to you! Words can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for me, and I’ll forever be grateful…




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