Brokn.Englsh – “The Drawing Board” Listening Party/”Cherry Popper” Video Screening –

Last Tuesday, Brokn.Englsh held a listening party at bOb Bar for their album “The Drawing Board,” which drops Nov. 17. They also premiered the video for the first single off the album, “Cherry Popper.” I’m sorry to say that I didn’t get to hear the album because I was coming from another event, but I did catch the second screening of “Cherry Popper.” I was close to biting my fingernails in anticipation (and I haven’t done that since elementary school), especially since everyone who was there before me saw it already and was telling me about my cameo. They say I was good! =) (3:04…tell me what you think?)

Shouts to everyone involved in making the video: J57, Calvin Darling of Calqulated Studios, Def Dom, Stephanie Swinton (we had to learn the hook to “Cherry Popper” on the spot; we each knew the half the other didn’t!), Crystal Rose (the pretty lady in the Fat Beats scene with Myk Dyaleks), Rewmec, St. Joe Louis, F.O.E Clothing, and Dan Tsingot (I still believe the latter is an urban myth, like the fifth member of O.I.S.D. – but at least I finally met him! LOL). And kudos to Brokn.Englsh’s own Lyriqs to Go for directing the video!

Many thanks to everyone who came out to support these three talented gentlemen. Don’t forgot to hit up on Nov. 17 to get “The Drawing Board”!

Brokn.Englsh – “Cherry Popper” (Video)

“Cherry Popper” Outtakes

2 Responses to “Brokn.Englsh – “The Drawing Board” Listening Party/”Cherry Popper” Video Screening –”
  1. NattyNiGhT says:

    Awesome pics as usual… but only You, Donovan and I know the backstory to the crazy adventures that night from SOBS to BOBS lol

  2. Hi Jynx says:

    Dope! Much props to the Brkn. Englsh crew.


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