What a Morning…

8:55 AM.

I awoke a couple minutes earlier and was lying in bed. Heard what sounded like drops coming from the ceiling… it’s been leaking on and off for the last few months and the past 3 days in a row. Yesterday’s leak was the worst yet…Leaks in 3 or 4 places, and my mom had to empty one of the buckets where water was POURING out of the ceiling… almost slept in the living room last night, but thankfully the leaking had stopped…

Anyway, I heard “pat…pat…” Turned around and saw bits of paint from the ceiling on the floor…then a crack opened up in the ceiling. Like…I SAW the ceiling crack open. Next thing you know, the CEILING was on the FLOOR.

One more minute of grogginess and all that stuff in the ceiling would’ve partially landed on my head. Thank goodness no one was hurt. But I won’t lie – I was shook this morning. See for yourself.

(Top left corner of the futon is where I rest my head…  close call)


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