Last Night a Drunk Guy Killed My Night…

(to the tune of “Last Night a DJ Saved My Life”)

Photo courtesy of NattyNight Photography

See dude next to me, in the middle of this pic? I was peacefully enjoying the Idle Warship show @ Southpaw last night (with awesome performances by Kalae All Day, Niles, Trezure the Emperess, The Antidote & Rebel Starr!) while this guy got progressively wasted… That cup in his hand somehow managed to find itself IN MY POCKET. The one with my CELL PHONE in it. He apologized, but boy was I pissed! I let him rock tho, dried off my phone and kept it moving…

Five minutes later, my phone wasn’t working properly. I turned it off and it wouldn’t turn back on. When I told him that his beer messed up my phone, the drunk [insert my favorite word] told me G1’s were bad phones anyway and I should really upgrade to an iPhone… Excuse me? I JUST upgraded my phone in June! Needless to say, that smirk of enjoyment on my face was quickly wiped off. Luckily for me, my phone decided to work again when I got home; the battery was just drained for some reason. It worked fine all day, but a couple of hours ago, it decided to do the same thing. =(

Lesson Learned? Steer clear of drunk folk while trying to enjoy a show. And keep your electronics in the pocket OPPOSITE said drunk folk.




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