Meet Niles…

When I first met Niles early last year, I thought he was a singer… But with lyrics as sharp as his clothes (complete with hat perched on the side of his head), I soon learned that Niles was in fact one of the most talented MC’s I would ever know, one that incorporates passion, history and a genuine love of the art of lyricism in his craft.

Originally from Michigan, Niles (born Chadwick Phillips) moved to New York City shortly after graduating from college to pursue his music career. In a few short years, he has already racked up numerous accomplishments:

Harlem Rapathon Winner (out of 100 MCs)

EOW Challenge winner

Performed at Hot 97 Summer Jam 07′ & 08′

Featured in a B.E.T commercial for the Barack Obama You(th) Vote

Winner of the 2007 Hot 97/Koch Records/E1 “Who’s Next Talent Show” and the opportunity to release a single on Koch Records/E1. They released his single entitled “This Time.”

Niles is also featured in a video entitled “The One”, which is directed by the legendary Ralph McDaniels. He has opened up for artists from KRS One to Dead Prez to DJ Premier and DJ Scratch, and most recently Talib Kweli & Idle Warship. He also taught artist development workshops for “The Hip Hop Project”.

Despite all his accomplishments, Niles remains a humble artist, always hungry for the opportunity to share his music with a new audience. His performances are an experience, to say the least… Songs like “Lost Years” tell the story of a man who experienced many a hardship in his life, but still manages to overcome his obstacles with the help of strong family ties and a heavy dose of determination. But my current favorite is “Phantom of the Opera”; don’t be surprised to find many a fellow MC reciting Niles’ lyrics while playing imaginary violins…

Niles is currently working on his soon-to-be-released project entitled “When the Clock Strikes XII.” In the meantime, I’ll leave you with a few clips. Get to know Niles… you’ll be glad you did.

Niles performing “Phantom of the Opera” @ Southpaw; video courtesy of Donovan Kasp.

Niles performing “Lost Years” @ The Art of Lyrics; video courtesy of Natty Night.

“The One” feat. D-Nasty, Kween Kash, Niles, and Purple Haze – Directed by Ralph McDaniels (Video Music Box):

Check out more on Niles at

UPDATE: Niles has a show on Dec. 17 entitled “Niles on Broadway” where he will be presenting his upcoming project, “When the Clock Strikes XII” – not to be missed!

One Response to “Meet Niles…”
  1. Green Maker says:

    This cat is making moves. Good stuff bro, you got it.

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