My Very 1st Video Cameo =)

After cameos in videos by Fresh Daily (“Apollo 13”) and Brokn.Englsh (“Cherry Popper”) this year, I thought I’d share with you my very first experience being in a music video…

One day, many many moons ago, when I was in elementary school, my best friend at the time, Iaisha, found out that a music video was being shot in our projects (Amsterdam Houses, baby!). Turned out to be Sista (of which Missy Elliott was a member), and we were extra geeked to meet DeVante and Dalvin of Jodeci! We ended up taking them up the block to one of our favorite delis to get some grub during the shoot =)

Later, I got everybody’s autograph, but I lost them when my wallet fell out of a hole in my pocket not too long after =(

Peep our 2-second cameo at the end of the video in the crowd scene; my friend Iaisha is in the white shorts and I’m the girl in the blue windbreaker clapping off-beat (SMH). Good times!

Sista – Brand Nu

One Response to “My Very 1st Video Cameo =)”
  1. PurpleZoe says:

    Ha Ha! This was my jam back in the day. I remember pre-ordering the CD @ Strawberries. Was vexed it never came through.

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