Mista Mista – “Prov City” (Video)

(taken from an email sent to me by Mista Mista. Couldn’t have said it better myself…)

Traditionally Hip-Hop’s superstars have come from larger metropolitan areas (NY, LA, ATL, MIA etc). But as of late we’ve seen artists like Drake (from Toronto), Cudi (from Cleveland), and Asher Roth (from PA) make an impact on the music industry coming from these unconventional cities. With that being said, there’s  a movement brewing in the smallest state in the US, that state being Rhode Island. With emerging artists Jon Hope and Theo Martins [as well as singer/producer LJC] in the forefront of Providence artists engraving their names, I reached out to create this visual of where we’re from… Providence, RI. This record was recorded well over a year ago and won’t be featured on my debut album “No Greater Love”. I just wanted to showcase the culture and diversity in the Renaissance City. Enjoy the prelude I call “Prov City.”

Mista Mista – “Prov City” (Video)

Learn More about Mista Mista on www.myspace.com/mistamistaonline or www.mistamistaonline.com.

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