2009: A Look Back

2009 was big for me as a photographer, and a person in general. Looking back, it’s really a lot to take in, and I have a hard time remembering everything that happened! Looking back at photos definitely helps…


This past year, I was fortunate to work with several artists who used my photos to develop artwork for their projects:

Loj – Loj x Vitamin Water Presents: Theme Music Vol. 1 (May 2009)

Loj dropped a mixtape that featured a “cover” for every single he dropped… Many thanks to Kingpin Kel for the breakfast! as well as fellow photog Leah Cruz for her help with lighting & rides to Queens from the Bronx and props to Stephen Janicki for the amazing artwork! This was my first green screen shoot =)

Brokn.Englsh – The PreWreck Mixtape (June 2009)

The artwork for the NJ homies’ mixtape came from a random mini-shoot one Sunday evening after one of their shows… I was pleasantly surprised when Brokn.Englsh decided to use them – I found out on Twitter! LMAO

Wordspit – The Coolest Bboi Stance (August 2009)

Been following this dude for a little over a year now, and his journey is equally mine… So it was very fitting for him to drop “The Coolest Bboi Stance” a day before my birthday!

Deal the Villain – “The Lo-Fi Prelude” (October 2009)

Deal the Villain dropped “The Lo-Fi Prelude” along with a few beat CD’s during the 4th quarter of 2009, in anticipation of “EPic” which drops next month. Look out for it!

O.I.S.D. – Leaders of the True School (December 2009)

To round the year out, J Monopoly hit me up about shooting the cover of O.I.S.D.’s debut project… we shot in a high school in Brooklyn one very cold Saturday morning… Thanks for the breakfast and for everyone who came out to be a part this project! Props to Nora S. on the artwork! I swear, this cover makes me grin every time I look at it!


Fresh Daily – “Apollo 13” (June 2009)

When Fresh Daily dropped “Tomorrow Is Today”, his much-anticipated mixtape, I eagerly downloaded it because I’m such a fan… much to my surprise, I heard my name mentioned in a track entitled “Apollo 13”! To hear my name mentioned in the same sentence as TONE and Photo Rob was humbling, to say the least…

“and see my photos taken by Liz, taken by TONE, taken by Rob, vid by Trevz, they know I’m a prob…”

You can download “Tomorrow Is Today” at http://freshdotdaily.bandcamp.com.

Hi-Jynx – “Music Monday” (November 2009)

Hi-Jynx pulled a fast one on me one day when he asked me to come to the studio…I thought he wanted me to take some photos for him, but I ended up doing a drop for his mixtape, “Music Monday.” I ended up with outro – what an honor! I kinda feel bad about talking smack about Hi-Jynx’s phone, but he got a kick out of it, and even made me eat my words when he actually did “step his phone game up”! =)

You can download “Music Monday” on www.shortypop.com

Deal the Villain – Villainous Volume Radio

If you ever hear the “Villainous Volume Radio” podcasts, presented by Deal the Villain earlier last year, then you may have heard a female voice cooing “Villainoussss Voluuuummme Radioooooooo…” Yup, that was yours truly. I looked forward to the hilarity of each week’s show, and hope Deal brings it back! Google “Villainous Volume Radio” and see what I’m talking about…


So the trend in 2009 seemed to be to bring Liz out from behind her camera and plastering her face in people’s videos…LOL. I’m very (video) camera-shy, but I was honored to be a part of the following videos!

Fresh Daily – “Apollo 13” (September 2009)

Fresh Daily asked me to make a cameo in his video for “Apollo 13” to go along with the reference in his song… We shot some of it at bObs during Homebase Wednesdays, the weekly party a bunch of us used to attend…

Brokn.Englsh – “Cherry Popper” (November 2009)

Brokn.Englsh really had me singing the hook to “Cherry Popper” in the middle of Union Square one afternoon… only cuz I love these guys! Good times… “Cherry Popper” is the first single off “The Drawing Board,” their debut album, which dropped in November.

Jinesis – “Black Beans” (July 2009)

Jinesis and I “directed” the video for “Black Beans,” which explores our journey as Black people over the last 50 years. It also highlights some of the icons of our culture. Many thanks to Jinesis for the slamming breakfast he cooked up for me while we worked on this project!

“Black Beans” is available for free download as part of “The Coffee Shop 2: The Four Fundamentals.”


Bleu Magazine (June 2009)

Wordspit and I found out about our very first magazine print the same day MJ passed… it was a ray of sunshine on an otherwise oh-so-dark day…

Backayard Magazine (September 2009)

I received a copy of this magazine on Labor Day, after learning that it had been circulating in JAMAICA since July… center spread! The article is about DJ Mihoko, a female Japanese DJ who spins reggae. Thanks to Madeline and DJ Madsol for this opportunity!

This print is very special to me because it’s the first one where I received PROPER photo credit!

Rochester City Newspaper (July 2009)

The Phoenix homie Random tapped me for some pics we shot during his last visit to NYC while promoting an upcoming show. The blurb and pic ended up making the paper! You can check it out here.

L Magazine (December 2009)

So Wordspit and I got not one, but TWO prints together in 2009! I don’t have a hard copy of the article in L Magazine entitled “25 Under 25,” but you can read it here.

Like I said, it’s been an awesome year… putting everything down in front of me really makes me realize all my accomplishments. Thanks to everyone mentioned above for taking a chance on me! I really appreciate it.

Can’t wait to see what 2010 has in store for Liz!

6 Responses to “2009: A Look Back”
  1. Kupi says:

    Sucks LOJ quit. Good times w/ Brokn.Englsh. Everyone’s doing they’re thing. 🙂

  2. NattyNiGhT says:

    AWWW liz is the homie….if people dont know her then they better recognize…she’s top notch! =)

  3. Hi-Jynx says:

    It was an honor to have you feature on the outro for “Music Monday”. I know I speak for everyone when I say that we appreciate you.


  4. jinesis says:

    RT 2. NattyNiGhT – January 7, 2010
    AWWW liz is the homie….if people dont know her then they better recognize…she’s top notch! =)…….LOL

  5. Jo says:

    LMAO @ Jinesis w/the RT.

    Liz, do you see why I was a bit intimidated that first time at RDAC? You run this ish, homie! Seriously! I am grateful to you and Natty for not being snobby photogs and taking me into your circle. Believe it or not I’ve learned a lot and met great people in the 2-3 months we’ve known each other. I thank you!

    We gonna do it big this year! First thing on the list CREDIT! CREDIT! CREDIT!

  6. JohnNY Storm says:

    Liz rocks!
    Much fun @ the cover shoot for the album missy
    You did us much justice!

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