Statik Selektah Release Show @ SOBs – 2.3.10

Last night was one of those nights where what I assumed would be a quiet night turned into something crazy… I went to SOBs to cover Statik Selektah’s album release show, mainly because the homie Jon Hope was performing and asked me to come through. Anything for a guy who drove 3 and a half hours to rock in NYC!

I got there a little before 9pm and was disappointed to see a low turnout, especially considering all the artists performing that night (not including the special guests)… but by the time the show started around 10:30pm, the venue had filled up quite nicely.

Two things to mention:

1. NattyNight went on a hat-snatching spree and scored the hats off the heads of Donny Goines, PackFM and Emilio Rojas… after the one I took from Myk Dyaleks (Brokn.Englsh) and Lyriqs 2 Go becoming a victim at the Styles P show Monday, I think we have a trend on our hands… lol. Don’t worry, if your hat gets snatched, you’ll get it right back (after proper documentation). She may even ask nicely for it. =)

2. At one point during the show, this guy took Lord Sear’s mic (the host for the evening) and went on this ridiculously long tirade about Deceptacons and stealing chains and how we should tuck ours in if we see him or his people. He also went on to bash this artist and found time to spit an acapella and talk about how New York hip hop is nothing like it was in its heyday…I can’t wait for footage from Natty Night and Mazzi (Soul Purpose) to go up so you can see what I was talking about. Even after Shucky Ducky and DJ Boogie Blind coaxed the mic away from him, he jumped into the crowd to continue his rant, and then took it backstage.

Little did he know, someone by the name of Freddy Foxxx (aka Bumpy Knuckles) would make him eat his words. LITERALLY. Mel D. Cole of Village Slum was there when it happened. Somebody also has footage of the beatdown, and I expect it to find its way online any day now…Ouch.

On to the show…a whole slew of guests came through to perform & show support for Statik Selektah, including Torae, Truck North, Joe Scudda (thank you for performing your verse off “Lovin’ It”!), Reks (my find of the week… I really liked this MC’s performance), Sha Stimuli, Termanology, Tiye Phoenix, Lil Fame of M.O.P. (“Ante Up” obliged), Skyzoo, Bahamadia, Invincible, Hezekiah, Freeway, Styles P, DJ Premier, Smif N Wesson and Buckshot. Shouts to Stalley, Emilio Rojas, Dirty Souf Yankee, Donovan Kasp, Jinesis, Rhyson of We Stole the Show, Poison Pen, Mr. Mecca, Telisa D and everyone else in attendance.  Check out some of my photos below.

2 Responses to “Statik Selektah Release Show @ SOBs – 2.3.10”
  1. NattyNiGhT says:

    My apologies to any victims of our Hip-hop Hat Snatching spree…we mean no disrespect by it…I even try to apologize seconds before the grab & go and of course after when its returned safely to the rightful owner. Natty & Liz = Partners in Crime! lol

  2. Joe Scudda says:

    NO PROBLEMO!!!! I had a blast….glad I kept my hat!!!!

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