Hi-Jynx: More than Just Another Starving Artist (Part 1 of 3)

This the first of a three-part interview on Hi-Jynx, a Southside Jamaica, Queens MC…I had the opportunity to sit down with Jynx and talk about food, music and how the two are intertwined in this artist’s journeys. Look for Parts 2 and 3 soon. Bon apetit!
2Bros Pizza (St. Marks) – 32-34 St. Marks Place bet. 2nd & 3rd Ave.

What is/are your favorite things to eat here?

Pizza! That ‘s all they have. (Laughs)
What would you recommend? Plain or Pepperoni?

My favorite thing to eat here would be the plain slice. I say cop the plain slice because it’s fast, easy, and they always have the plain slices on deck. Sometimes the pepperoni slices take a while. Pepperoni is for when I want to get fancy (Laughs). The pepperoni is dope, but the plain is where it’s at.
Why do you come to this spot in particular?

I come here because usually after spitting in the summertime cyphers that are at 14th Street Union Square, this spot is the only food spot that’s still open and really quick and cheap.
How does this spot tie into or influence your music?

It’s dope to run here and grab some food and go back to the cypher at the park. It’s a place to refuel during and after a cypher. A lot of the time you can catch me walking to and from this spot spitting rhymes with who ever rolls with me. It’s usually my producer and a few other emcees from the cypher.
Tell me about something memorable that happened at this spot.

Things go from zero to 60. Sometimes it’ll be just me at the spot; then you blink and there will be 50 people in here! The most memorable thing that happened to this spot, and also what made me a believer in this establishment was the summer of never ending pizzas. Yo, like fifty skateboards came in here and they all got served. It was insane!! It’s like these dudes made an insane amount of food for everyone on deck and didn’t miss a beat! Ever since then I knew that this spot would always hold me down and I could count on it for some late night food if my pockets were ever hurting like crazy. Damn, I can’t even make a decent pasta sauce, let alone fifty pizzas!
Do you ever write at this spot?

Nah, honestly the main focus when you catch me here is that I’m in cypher/freestyle mode. No writing goes on what so ever. Haha, no notebooks and no Blackberrys out!!! Besides, it usually packed – it’s an in/out spot. . Either I’m too busy freestyling or eating the awesome pizza here. But it gives me the opportunity to come up with fresh material for the cyphers and recharge (mentally & physically).

What’s the feedback been on your recent project, “Music Monday”?

The feedback on “Music Monday” has been very constructive. A lot of people, blogs and sites have shown me love, and a lot of people are hitting up my producer, J Face for beats. There are still many who doubt my ability as an artist and I aim to work very hard to change that. For the most part I’m very grateful for those that have found it to be one of the most refreshing, multi-faceted mixtapes put out by any up and coming artist from New York. In the end I believe my struggle will be in convincing my fans and doubters why I will help change the way people look at the new breed of artists that are emerging in the internet era. I’m ready for the challenge and “Music Monday” was just my exhibition. Now comes the hardships of my journey. Steady.
(Afterwards, we went to Bagel Cafe & Ray’s Pizza (2 St. Marks Place) for red velvet cake, but Jynx was too full off the 3 slices of pizza he just ate. =) Maybe next time.)
Want to learn more about Hi-Jynx or download his free mixtape, “Music Monday”? Go to www.jynxurself.com.
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