Hi-Jynx: More than Just Another Starving Artist (Part 2 of 3)

Part 2 of our three-part interview with Queens MC and budding foodie connoisseur Hi-Jynx takes us to Brooklyn, where he talks to us about his favorite grub spot after a long night in the studio. He also sheds some light on the producers he works with and who’s on his wishlist. Enjoy, and bon appetit!

You’re a known studio rat… Where do you go when you need a break?

Yeah, I guess when you’re serious about working ahead of the curve and having A TON of music in the form of collaborations and projects you tend to be labeled as a “Studio Rat”. You have to put in the man hours. When I need a break to clear my mind or to kill time when my engineer is mixing and editing I usually go to the Crown Fried Chicken restaurant here in Brooklyn. It’s not that far, it’s within walking distance.

Parkside Donut & Kennedy Fried Chicken – 188-5 Parkside Ave. (Brooklyn, NY)

What makes this spot one of your favorite places to eat? What do you recommend?

The thing that is unique and the main reason that I love coming to this spot is because they actually have really well cooked meals. It’s not hard for me to explain, they simply cook the food RIGHT. You know when you roll into a place and everything is sitting there, just chilling in a small heated compartment and it tastes all dried out or not really delicious? Well not here. I’m really big on rice, and they make a hell of a rice dish here. I cannot lie.

The order I would recommend would be the grilled chicken hero meal. It’s literally the best portion you get for under $6.00 with fries and a free soda. I’m from Southside, so trust me I know the comparative pricing of a good fast meal. As funny as that sounds…Hood pricing is an art form, haha.

(Hi-Jynx also recommended the banana pancakes, if you’re in the mood for breakfast. That’s what I ordered, and it was fantastic!)

Describe your relationship with your producer, J Face. How did you guys meet?

I’ve known my in house producer J Face for over half a decade now. We met at a college event we were attending in Harlem. It was a Hip-Hop based event and he approached me saying that he was looking for an artist to work with. I actually didn’t take him up on the offer at first because he didn’t seem like the type of person who made music, he has a real laid back, non-threatening personality so nothing stood out about him and his delivery at first. Nonetheless I took home a CD with production he had offered me.

Hi-Jynx and J Face

I skimmed through what he had put on the compact disk and wasn’t blown away at first, however I did see what made him unique and that made me curious to build some material with him. I knew that if we tried to create something it would definitely sound different from what was out which was that Kanye West, “old soul chipmunk” type sampling. I wanted something different, not just a “hotter version” of that. So that’s how we really clicked and started working on our first project. That was the end of 2004.

What other producers have you tapped for past projects? Who would your “Dream Team” of producers be?

I currently am working with my two in house producers Half Amazin‘ & J Face first and foremost. I have worked with Ski Beatz on a few projects out of his DD172 establishment, that was an opportunity to learn a lot about what I want to do with my talents in the future and where I want to take myself as an artist. I have also worked with Jaguar Skills from Europe. He has worked with artists such as Lupe Fiasco and Gem Stones.

True story: I linked up with Jaguar Skills back in the Myspace days. He heard some work I had done on one of my efforts and reached out with a few beats, I picked a few and have put out one so far called “Victory” featured on my Music Monday effort. He liked what i did with it, so I can’t complain.

My “Dream Team” of producers would have to include: DJ Premier, MadLib, The Neptunes, Just Blaze, J Face, and of course, Half Amazin’. That’s the “Dream Team” right there, haha. I’d like to do some work with a few other less known production duos such as The Olympicks and Clyde and Harry of NYC.

What is your process for creating music?

My process of creating music is always about the listener first. I strive to create a beautiful, steady relationship between them and myself. I look for ways to bring to them ideas that we all understand while putting them cleverly and offering the message to them in a broad and catchy manner. By doing this you get the message across and you give them a ton of your flavor for cleverly putting their everyday issues and circumstances in audio from. I believe in my listeners. I always rely on a purely organic method of creating music.

You recently released “Paradise” as the first single off your next project, Your Love: Smells Like Money, Could you break down the concept of the record? How has the single been received?

“Paradise” is beautiful. It’s the song that you’ll play at least 5 times a day in this weather. The concept of the record is simple, its about the most beautiful vision of Love. Love in the physical is Paradise and I captured that perfectly on a record.

“Paradise” has been well received by listeners. I’ve been told by one listener that it sums up her “Summer Lust” perfectly and describes their situation down to the minute. I feel great about that response, seeing as how it is such a feel good, clean record.

I’ve also got a lot of feedback about the record’s artwork. It screams “summer love”.

“Paradise” feels like the perfect summer song. What does the rest of the summer hold for Hi-Jynx?

Thank You. The rest of the summer sees more good eating, more great music, and more extraordinary live Summer shows. I’m ready to get it all. Steady!

Check out a few more photos from our yummy interview. If your mouth is watering enough, head on over to the spot and tell us what you think!

Hungry for good music? Hi-Jynx will be performing tomorrow night at Santos Party House. ($10; doors open at 7pm. 18 and older)

Discover all things Hi-Jynx at www.jynxurself.com

Check out Part 1 of Hi-Jynx’s interview here.

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