Happy Birthday Jinesis!

I met Jinesis about a year and a half ago after a show at Blender Theater. I’ll never forget how the encounter went down: I was walked out of the venue and Jinesis was posted up outside the restrooms. As I walked past him, he whispered in my ear something to the effect of “I’m a producer, I make beats. You should take my card…” I think I rolled my eyes so much they almost went back into my head – LMAO! Despite the lame come-on, we kept in touch via Twitter. Who would’ve known that the man I affectionately call “Jin-Jin” would become one of my closest friends? Jinesis is the one who helped me get a job when I didn’t know where else to turn. I’m out at all hours of the day & night, documenting this underground hip hop scene – Jinesis is the one who makes sure I get home safely. Since he gets off the train before I do, I’ve grown accustomed to hearing him say “text me when you get home.” I jokingly call him my security detail/personal bodyguard, whom I pay in introductions to people I know =)

Jinesis is a producer born in Queens and raised in Harlem & The Bronx. He works incessantly to get his name and sound out to the masses, and it’s only a matter of time before people finally take notice. It’s been a pleasure working with him on several photo shoots and even a video (“Black Beans”). As we celebrate the birth of one of the most genuine, hard-working people I know, I invite you to check out his music (see links below) as well as his most recent interview.

Happy Birthday Jinesis!

“Lonely Toss” (feat. Akira-Adel & Nelson Estevez)






One Response to “Happy Birthday Jinesis!”
  1. Amanda says:

    Dope write, Liz. Jinesis is a real cool guy and a dope producer,,,but damn, I didnt know he was a home-wrecker. LOL. Happy Birthday, Jinesis!

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