Liz Is In a Video!

Actually… two!

You know how much I “love” being in videos, right? As much as I jump in front of cameras, once you put one of the video kind in front of me, I get shy… but sometimes it’s worth it.

First one is “Still” by Eric Roberson. This is a beautiful song with a powerful message about breast cancer. Look hard enough and you’ll find me in a 3-second cameo during the bar scene (around 1:27). Many thanks to everyone involved in this video. And the pizza was awesome! =)

Eric Roberson – “Still” (Video)

Second video is for “I Don’t See Em” by R.H. Bless and Duss Smittoooo (Block Exchange) and Push! Montana. This video was so much fun! And what’s even cooler is that both Niko (my camera) and myself got to make a cameo! I play the sexy photographer shooting the rappers, while someone else is snooping around, paparazzi style… Thanks to R.H. Bless for making me get rid of my fro and don a skirt and heels. (Can you hear the sarcasm? LOL)

Block Exchange (R.H. Bless & Duss Smittoo) feat. Push! Montana – “I Don’t See Em”

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