St. Joe Louis – “30,000 Ft. High & Rising” (Download)

“All I got in this world is a dream & my two hands/family, friends and a plan/and we gon’ make it/we done come too far/for things to just fall apart…”

– Michael Cardigan, “So Far” (from “30,000 Ft. High & Rising”)

Unless you’ve been under a rock for the past two days (or you’ve escaped the far-reaching addictions of Twitter), then you’ve been victim to my incessant PDA for “30,000 Ft. High & Rising” by New Jersey MCs St. Joe Louis, which was released July 26th. Seriously – if I weren’t me, I would be sick of myself too. But if you know anything about me, then you know that when I find an artist or body of work that truly moves me, I’ll shout it from the mountaintops. 1/4 of the Elite Assembly, I became a fan of SJL through their shows, through which they introduced us to songs such as “Good Morning,” “I Reply,” “Black Magic,” “Searching,” and “30,000” (feat. Chordz Cordero) – all of which you’ll find on this long-awaited project.

Begining with an homage to De La Soul’s”3 Ft. High & Rising”, “30,000” takes us on the journey of Elete, Tommie Chase and Michael Cardigan –  one filled with everything from bullets to BS. The title deals not with being fly but about the pressures that come with reaching for your dreams. As they tell us about their triumphs on “I Reply and failures on “Run Out of Love the trio is transparent about how far they still have to go but are reflect on how far they have come. “30,000 Ft. High & Rising” features Skyzoo, PH (formerly Pumkinhead), Daniel Joseph, and others.

My favorite songs off “30,000” are “I Reply”, “Run Out of Love,” “So Far” (feat. Stevie Lee), “Shooting Star” and “Dripping” (feat. Daniel Joseph). I get goosebumps EVERY TIME St. Joe performs “I Reply” and “Black Magic”, and I became instantly addicted to “Dripping” and “So Far,” the latter of which takes me to an emotional place, where I, too, ponder my life journey, how far I’ve come and how far I still need to go to realize my dreams…

“30,000 Ft. High & Rising” was produced almost entirely by Elete and is presented by Refined Hype, Rock the Dub & Potholes In My Blog. Download it for free here. I also strongly encourage you to check out the prequel “Almost There EP.” Please share your feedback, and if you like what you heard, please tell a friend. Enjoy.

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