Memorial Day 40 Oz. Bounce x Dave’s Birthday x What’s Wrong With the NYPD???

Two things you should know before watching this video:

1. If you know anything about the 40 Oz. Bounce, then you know that the organizers’ only wish is to bring together a bunch of people in the spirit of having a good time out in the open.

2. David Hamilton (aka @imjustdave on Twitter) is one of the most wonderful people I know. He speaks his mind but lives with his heart on his sleeve. He is an Iraq war veteran (read: VETERAN!) who served his country proudly.

Yet… the NYPD continues to associate large groups of young minorities as a threat, and will do everything in their power to shut down any attempt at having a positive gathering.

I wasn’t in town for Dave’s birthday, but I just found this video on Youtube and shows both the love we have for him and the continued ignorance of New York’s finest. What a shame that NYPD gave Dave a ticket on his BIRTHDAY for doing nothing other than sharing his opinion and trying to make sure his friends were accounted for.

Please share your thoughts.

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