Nicolas Heller x AOK Collective = WIN!

After four videos from Nicolas Heller and various members of the AOK Collective, I’m convinced that they are a match made in heaven. Nicolas has some sort of twisted humor that works on people of any age (have you seen the video for “Thanx” by Fresh Daily?); his latest even had my mom cracking up…

That being said, I present to you two new videos by this genius directer. The first is for “Dubstep Debauchery” by P.So, off the highly-anticipated project, “Suicide By Jellyfish.” This video features the ultimate pee-pee dance…LMAO! Hats off to Andrew Pisacane on the choreography!

The second video is for “Can’t Win ‘Em All” by 2 Hungry Bros & 8THW1 feat. P.So and Fresh Daily, off their latest album “No Room for Dessert.” Shouts to Homeboy Sandman on the hook! Starring Nick Perez as the victim, Deep as the luchador, Shankar as the guy who changes the game in Nick’s favor, P.SO, 8thw1 and Fresh Daily as the bullies and Alicia and the luchadora!

Enjoy! I sure did. =)

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