Farewell Fat Beats…

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you should know by now that Fat Beats, “the last stop for hip hop,” is shutting down this Saturday, September 4th. It came as sad news to everyone who has ever walked up those stairs at 406 Avenue of the Americas.

I walked over to Fat Beats NY last Friday after running errands in the neighborhood for a last walk-through, since I’ll be out of town this week and will miss all the closing events. There, I found J57 (Brown Bag All Stars) working hard processing orders and checking out customers. I couldn’t help but feel guilty for being one of those people who frequented the place but never really bought anything. I used to hang out at Tower Records, HMV, Virgin Megastore and Circuit City, where I would revel in the purchase of a new CD; like those now-defunct stores, Fat Beats will soon be no more – in the flesh, at least. It’ll still be around online, but there’s nothing like physically going into a record store… Especially Fat Beats, because it was where you could buy albums from independent artists who usually are very limited in where there music is distributed. As I walked around the store, I saw many albums from some of my favorite independent artists alongside seasoned ones. I thought back to the countless in-stores, especially the ones for Fresh Daily, Daniel Joseph, Skyzoo and Little Brother. Fat Beats was also the scene of many a music video, notably Brokn.Englsh (“Cherry Popper”) and Brown Bag All Stars (“Undeniable”). I even did a photo shoot there with Jinesis…I wonder where someone could go now to get the same experience. Nowhere comes to mind… no place comes close…

As one customer dropped $300+ on vinyls and another vowed to come back and buy up everything he could get his hands on, I silently wished the brisk business I witnessed that day was a regular occurrence. But alas, it’s a lack in business that led to the closings of the NY and LA stores. Hopefully Fat Beats will be resurrected in a new location in the future. Only time will tell.

I leave you with some photos I shot the other day, as well as a flyer for the closing events. I urge you to make it to at least one!

R.I.P. Fat Beats: 1994 – 2010.

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