Hi-Jynx: More than Just Another Starving Artist (Part 3 of 3)

The last installment of our three-part interview with Hi-Jynx takes us to the NYU area in Manhattan, where Jynx and I tore up some DELICIOUS Thai food at Cafetasia and chopped it up about the importance of having more than just talent in this business…Enjoy, and bon appetit!

Cafetasia – 38 E. 8th St. btw Greene St. & University Place

First thing’s first: Tell me a little bit about Cafetasia and how you found out about this spot.

Cafetasia is an awesome Thai food restaurant in downtown Manhattan. While on my way to a recording session for the “Your Love: Smells Like Money” project I stumbled across it. I’m usually making moves around the downtown area so it was a matter of time until I found out about it.

The food is amazing! So many great choices…what would you recommend to a first-timer?

I would recommend the Pineapple Fried Rice. The menu prices are good as well, nothing is too expensive so that definitely helps the pockets. The thing that caught my attention was that they serve the fried rice in an actual half cut pineapple. That’s crazy! Sometimes its all about the presentation and that was definitely dope as hell.

I recently had a conversation with an MC named Why G, and we were discussing the current state of independent hip hop in New York. He said “The talent is there; now we have to work on the business side.” The business aspect is one that is often overlooked in an artist’s career. How important is it for an artist to have a brand, and what does the Hi-Jynx brand consist of?

Yeah, I agree with him 100%. In my opinion a lot of underground/independent Hip-Hop artists are getting swallowed in the shuffle of new and emerging talent. That’s mainly because they don’t have any lasting impression beyond the music, beyond just “rapping really good”, in this very digital climate. It’s crucial to instill a purpose or belief in your listeners so they can have something to take with them day to day between enjoying your art. The Hi-Jynx brand is multifaceted and consists of allowing my listeners to feel that they are apart of a strong family. My team and I put forth very goal-oriented material and that feeling shows in every record. Listeners know that the brand represents a struggle to go steady to the top in whatever we seek to achieve and they too adopt this mentality. Its so organic, I stand behind this brand of art 100%.

At your shows, fans can often be heard screaming “STEADY!” and “STEADY TO THE TOP!” has become your mantra of sorts. Can you explain how the “STEADY” movement came about and what it means?

See that’s exactly what I mean when I say that listeners need something beyond the music. The STEADY mentality manifested itself in the real world and now supporters know that when its our time, they have an identity to relate to. That’s the beauty of staying power and the ability to stand out. Supporters screaming “Steady” at a show or when they see me around the city is a beautiful thing.

“Steady” came about simply by me expressing my formula for success. That’s doing as much as possible on your journey, steadily. Success will follow as long as you maintain a steady mind frame. People want that for themselves more than anything.

Following your collaboration with Shortypop, people around the country have been exposed to you and your music. How does it feel to come across someone wearing clothing with your name or catchphrase?

It feels right. It’s about time and it’ll continue to happen. It was just a matter of how we would get the product out and we found a solution with a specific marketing approach. Last I heard, a DJ was wearing a Steady Tee while spinning a XXL Magazine event. It’s organic.

What other collaborations/endeavors have you pursued to expand your brand? Do you have anything in the works you’d like to share?

Endeavors that have allowed me to successfully expand my brand have included working with non-profit organizations such as PPNYC with founders Emilia Lopez (@LaLaNYC) and Reese Antoinette (@ReeseAntoinette). In partnering with their campaigns I’ve been able to gain brand strengthening as well as a marketing trade off.

As for what’s in the future, I’m only able to say that there are some really thought provoking collaborations in the works. It can’t, and shouldn’t strictly, be apparel forever. My supporters will be entertained and impressed with what we have coming. I guarantee that.

Well, this concludes our three-part interview. It has been such a pleasure to learn about you, your music and your relationship with your fans…and food. My tummy thanks you! Any parting words?

The pleasure was most certainly mine, I enjoyed it. To everyone reading I urge you to cop the upcoming “Your Love: Smells Like Money” project that will be released on www.JynxUrself.com. Hard copies will also be available soon at live shows. Follow me on Twitter (@JynxUrself) and friend me on Facebook to catch a glimpse of a starving artist HARD at work. Steady To The Top!!!


Check out Part 1 and Part 2 of my interview with Hi-Jynx if you missed them, as well as a few more photos from our interview. Enjoy!

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