Carmine’s – Come With An Empty Stomach and a LOT of Help…

Yesterday, a friend of mine invited me to lunch as a late birthday present. I chose to go to Carmine’s in the Theater District because 1. I love Italian food and 2. they have a cool concept: according to their website, “The food at Carmine’s is served family style. Generous portions are made for sharing and can feed 4-6 people.”


The place reminded me of Harold‘s in NJ, where the portions are GIGANTIC and you’re SUPPOSED to share… (key word: SUPPOSED TO. Some people don’t know their limits). Both places are a dieter’s nightmare but a foodie’s dream.

Anyway, we had the lunch portion (for 2) of rigatoni with sausage & broccoli which was yummy, and then for dessert I chose the ice cream sundae…

This is what we got:

My aunt used to say my cousin had eyes bigger than her stomach… my eyes damn near came out of my head and my stomach cried, for it knew it was about to suffer.

This sundae was EASILY made for at least 4 people, but we dug in… 2/3 of the way in, my pants were about to burst, and we both lay back in our chairs like we just finished Thanksgiving dinner. I vowed never again to eat at Carmine’s without at least 3-4 other homies, and I can’t look at ice cream for the next week. But I’m proud to say that we put in WORK… R.I.P. Mr. Sundae.

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