Happy Birthday Liz!

So on Aug. 25, I celebrated another year on this earth… This year has been filled with ups and downs, but what I learned was that I’m surrounded by wonderful people (that’s YOU) who love and care about me. Thank you for being there for me when I needed it the most. I noticed that my energy changed from the very first day of my personal new year last year, and this high stuck around for months! I was invited to dinner on countless occasions…men cooked for me… (why didn’t this stuff happen before?)

The festivities kicked off a few days early at Taj with DJ Getlive, one of my favorite DJ’s… somehow I wound up at a crazy party at bObs courtesy of D J Rawbeats and DJ Church. Thanks to those who braved the mammoth line outside Taj and to my brother Pat for the pics. I love you all…

Next, Top $ Raz and I partied it up at Sutra because we share a born day! I had a really nice time, and Nola Darling made my day by coming through while they were in town. Special thanks to my photogs Jessica Estevez of IHeartDilla.com, Annie, Coole High and Ran of Definitely Amazing!

The night of my birthday was spent at Southpaw at a show that Fresh Daily put together. It was awesome because it just so happened to fall on my birthday, and it JUST SO HAPPENED to feature a few of my favorite artists! I felt like it was the “Happy Birthday Liz Show” because almost every set had something special in store for me. I was serenaded by Chris Faust (*swoon*), brought up on stage again by Brokn.Englsh and almost popped out of my dress jumping around to “Yeah,” St. Joe Louis granted my request to have them perform “Shooting Star” off “30,000 Ft. High & Rising” (a first!) and Fresh said some really kind words – something to the effect of “if Liz likes your music, you’ll find her front and center at all of your shows.” Shoot, even Sean Falyon, who I just met that night, said “Happy Birthday Liz.”

Thank you everyone who came out to the parties and the show, who sent me well wishes via phone calls, texts, Twitter, FB and those who were with me in spirit. I got calls from France, Haiti and even Nigeria! An extra-special thank you goes to Crystal Rose, who for the second year in a row, went above and beyond to make sure I looked my best on my birthday She did my hair and even made my dress! Can’t forget P. So for the peach cobbler cupcake! So grateful to you all…

(video my French BFF sent to me a few years ago)

Check out some photos below…

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