Indie Manager Spotlight – Anshia Tull

Sorry I’m late on continuing this series, so today will be a double-post…

Part 3 of our “Indie Manager Spotlight” series is about Anshia Tull (or Ms. Shi Shi, if you’re nasty… LOL), who I met through a mutual friend and currently works with two amazing singers, Kimberly Nichole and Eric Roberson.

Name: Anshia “Briclyn” Tull

Artist(s) you manage: Co- manager to KimberlyNichole, Consultant to Aaron Camper and Booking Consultant to Eric Roberson

What made you decide to get into artist management, and why did you choose the artist(s) you work with?

I’ve always wanted to own a management / production company. I dreamed of being the next William & Morris type of company and by following that pattern I could work with all types of talents. It’s still a goal of mine, but right now I’m focused on breaking new artists and working with existing artists in the music industry.

The artists I work with are extremely talented, focused and determined. We share the same qualities when it comes to this business and that’s why we’ve decided to partner.

Kimberly Nichole

What are the pros & cons of managing an independent artist?

The pros are having flexibility to try new and innovative things as well as the ability to do things our way without answering to anyone but the fans and our team.

The cons would always be the financial backing when it comes to the amount of power behind everything creative as well as making sure my artist does not get overlooked by the mainstream community.

What, in your opinion, does it take to be a great manager?

It takes someone with a lot of patience that can deal with creative minds, a great communicator that’s not afraid to network. A determined/hard-worker, who understands the artist’s vision and has good intentions to guide them in the right direction, someone who understands the business they’re getting into and the ability to research anything.  Last but not least someone who’s not afraid to say NO when it’s needed.

Eric Roberson

Can you share some memorable experiences from your journeys with your artist(s)?

The 1st show I ever booked in NYC for my artist. I tried for months to get venues to give me a show, but because my artist at that time was an indie artist that know one knew of, I got turned down so many times. With so many no’s, a yes came back through Kenny’s Castaways. We actually packed the venue out and it was a memorable moment for us because it was our 1st show in NYC.

Another moment was when the band Franklin Bridge who I worked with made it on the show “The Next Great American Band” which aired on FOX. Out of 7,000 rock bands they were chosen and the only African America rock band on that show. That was a great experience from working on the submission package, getting the call back, to understanding contracts for TV, the band flying back and forth to LA from Philly. The show aired live on FOX every week and FB held their own until they were voted off. I was only 23 yrs of age and had never experienced anything like this and that’s a moment I will never forget.

I have so many moments, but these two are definitely close to my heart, because my journey into management was starting.

If there was one thing you could change about your experience as a manager, what would it be?

I honestly feel there’s nothing as of date, because everything I’ve experienced thus far has truly been a stepping stone for me to get to where I am today and for the growth that I will endure throughout years to come as a manager. However, I will say I would not manage close friends ever again. It may work at times, but if it doesn’t then the friendship can sometimes go sour and in a torn place.

Aaron Camper

(courtesy of

How have things changed for you since you began managing your artist(s)?

I’ve gained a lot of knowledge and better contacts than what I had in the beginning. I think I am more open and not the shy silly girl that might be afraid to speak to promoters etc. I am a young manager, but as I grow as a person my management skills have definitely grown.

What are some accomplishments your artist(s) has/have achieved since you came on board?

Being placed on major television shows, opening up their touring ability in other states. Features in better publications and increasing their fan base through certain marketing initiatives. We’re still working to get to the next level.

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