Christmas in September Gives to Haiti!

Remember this event back in September? I don’t think I ever spoke on it after it went down, but I’m happy to report that the school supplies that were donated are going to an excellent cause!

A few weeks ago, DJ Chela organized a fundraiser for one of her friends, DJ Oja, who was going on a humanitarian trip to Haiti. I wasn’t able to make it to the party, but I checked out the flyer and noticed that they needed school supplies. How perfect that I had a bunch of them ready to go, thanks to the generosity of those who attended “Christmas In September” a few months ago?! I contacted Chela, who put me in touch with Oja, and about a week later, he personally came to pick up the school supplies, which will be going to needy Haitian children with special needs at an orphanage outside Port-au-Prince. Oja (who is also a videographer) and his photographer left for Haiti yesterday (Dec. 28) and should be back in about a week with footage and photos from their trip. I hope to share some of their footage with you upon their return.

“DJ OJA’s Alliance of Conscious Documentarians (ACD)’s Ayiti Solidarity Project in conjunction with will bolster the efforts of and as well as document stories from the ground in their upcoming December delegation, similar to their recent project

ACD will document the dissemination of these supplies

(taken from DJ Chela’s Facebook page)

I’m so very thankful to everyone who donated school supplies, clothes and money at my fundraiser. I hope to be able to continue this endeavor for a fourth year in 2011.

2 backpacks
2 pks looseleaf
3 pks grid paper
8 folders
3 binders
2 dictionaries
1 thesaurus
4 sticks of glue
1 pr scissors
1 pk flash cards
8 pks pencils
3 pks markers
4 pks pens
16 spiral notebooks
3 wireless notebooks
15 composition notebooks
2 pks erasers


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