Christmas Weekend Blizzard of 2010

So the day after Christmas, it snowed… late White Christmas for some, nightmare for others! I was out with my mom Sunday and didn’t get home until early evening. By then, the snow was blowing sideways and already up to my ankles! We awoke to a “winter wonderland.” Snow up to car doors, unplowed streets (as in where the cars are supposed to go!), a shutdown of public transportation, plows/buses/cars/etc. stuck in the snow or worse, abandoned! made for impassable streets. Four days later, many streets still aren’t cleared, sidewalks are still blocked with 2 ft of snow (or higher!) and mass transit is yet to be at 100%. Talk of thundersnow and cabin fever kept me entertained as I spent two days in house with just my phone as a link to the outside world. Grateful to have a warm bed, I thought of all the homeless people and feared for their well-being. NYers should be used to the snow, but it’s always an adventure when blizzards occur! Just wanted to share my photos from that day, taken right before sunset in Bushwick (Brooklyn).

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