Fly Lady Di & Alicia Boone’s Birthday Party @ Katra – 1.6.10

Last night, I went to Katra to help my favorite Canadian transplant Fly Lady Di celebrate her birthday. We haven’t seen each other since December 2008 when she returned to Toronto to rekindle her love of dance, but it was like she had never left. Our good friend Alicia Boone was also celebrating her birthday a few days early, and it was so great to see friends and colleagues whom I haven’t seen in ages! Katra was PACKED the energy in the room was so positive and filled with joy…

Fly Lady Di blessed us with some live painting, joined by Pesu, Ibrahim Baaith, Andre Trenier and Amanda Diva.

Andre Trenier asked me to pose for the piece he was working on… although it didn’t remain in the final version, check out what he did!

Shouts to everyone in attendance: Raye 6, AD Skolar, Tess, Hard Hittin Harry, Yaz (Old Soulz), Jeff Dess, Khay, Kanako, Daoud Abeid, Danny Castro, Voodoo Ray, Yasinabdur, and so many more!

For more on Fly Lady Di:

One Response to “Fly Lady Di & Alicia Boone’s Birthday Party @ Katra – 1.6.10”
  1. Very very very dope sista!

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