2010: A Look Back (Pt. 1)

I did a post last year to sum up my accomplishments as a photographer in 2009, and I wanted to do another one for 2010. It’s good to have everything in one place and really see how far you’ve come. Hope you enjoy!


It’s always an honor when artist use your photos to develop artwork for their projects. Thank you!

Deal the Villain – EPic (February 2010)

After many mini-projects and beat tapes, Deal the Villain dropped “EPic” in February. So proud of his journey! Looking forward to the next project.

Elite Assembly – Welcome to the Playoffs (April 2010)

I had a ball working with the 12 guys (12!) of Elite Assembly! They used one of my photos for the back cover of “Welcome to the Playoffs,” which turned out to be one of those projects that were the soundtrack to my life! Nine months after its release, I still listen to some song from the project almost every day. It’s my dream to see the entire Elite Assembly perform together, and I almost made it happen back in September for my back-to-school fundraiser. Maybe 2011 will be the year!

Xavier Pryce – Hookers & Housewives (May 2010)

Xavier Pryce is a rapper out of DC. Our shoot was kind of thrown together and we didn’t have a lot of time to warm up to each other, but when we finally did, it was all gravy! I’m really pleased with the way the visuals for “Hookers & Housewives” turned out!

The Jake feat. Elite Assembly – Give It My All (December 2010)

Chalk this one up to the power of the internets… I’ve heard of producer The Jake from his work with Deal the Villain, so when he put out a song feat. Elite Assembly, I checked it out and was pleasantly surprised to find out that he used one of my photos of EA for the song’s artwork!


Both of my video cameos last year came courtesy of director RH Bless. I played a photographer in both (gotta stick to what you know!), but in one video I was a forensic photographer, shooting a “dead” body and in the other I was the “pretty impatient” photog (LOL). Both videos were lots of fun, and I highly recommend R.H. Bless if you’re looking for a talented director.

Push! Montana – “1st 48”

Block Exchange (R H. Bless & Duss Smittoooo) feat. Push! Montana – “I Don’t See Em”


Who Is Akira-Adel? (Interview)

Evita Robinson (aka Evierobbie) did an interview with the beautiful model/Bubble Girl/fashion muse Akira-Adel, coordinated by my good friend Jinesis. We had a wonderful shoot at HK Lounge in Manhattan, and I really learned a lot about Akira-Adel while sitting in on the interview. Check out the teaser video and interview on evierobbie.blogspot.com.

Fanta Celah Creations (May 2010)

Remember our model, Akira-Adel? She was wearing jewelry by Fanta Celah from Chicago in the Evierobbie shoot/interview and sent some of the photos to the designer, who loved them so much that she asked me to shoot again with Akira-Adel when she came to New York. We shot in Central Park, and I absolutely LOVE the photos! I even scored 2 pieces of jewelry, which I saved for my birthday.

Here are a few other photos from the shoot:

Akira-Adel (Model) & Fanta Celah (Designer)

Not too shabby a year… For 2011, my goal is to start travelling with artists on tour. I also have a few cities on my “to-visit list.” Looking forward to new opportunities!

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