Janelle Monae Gets a Gift from Liz

While cleaning out my old email account today, I came across an email from my friend Kevin Hunte (FADER Magazine/Cornerstone). It included a photo he had taken of Janelle Monae after I had given her a photo I used in my debut photo exhibit in August 2008. I took it with me to a show she did with Nas at Highline Ballroom, and was so worried I wouldn’t be able to get it to her. But it happened! Miss Janelle loved the photo, and I also gave her my card, which had the same photo on it. I had taken the photo the first time I ever saw her perform (at Blender Theatre), and I’ve been a fan ever since. It’s so crazy how life happens…I used to see Janelle Monae in hair magazines. When I used to live in Atlanta, one night some friends and I went to a spot called Ten Pin, a bowling alley/lounge. She was there, but it took me a minute to remember her name. Boy, was I geeked…LOL

Anyway, finding this photo was a nice surprise! Into my portfolio it goes…Thanks Kev!

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