The Morpheus Soul Show w/Homeboy Sandman – 1.18.11 (Podcast)

Homeboy Sandman

(photo courtesy of Joann Gomez of Music Looks Like This)

Big ups to the Morpheus Soul Show in the UK for posting the podcast of their show with Homeboy Sandman from earlier this week! I tried to listen in, but my computer said otherwise =( Homeboy Sandman is currently taking Europe by storm, with the homie Alice in Wonderland on sidekick status. I’ll be following their adventures and sharing some of them with you…

Photo by TONE

Morpheus Soul Show w/Homeboy Sandman – Podcast


Klarity, Lyrickal, John Robinson, Senor Kaos, Pugs Atomz
Homeboy Sandman – The Morpheus Soul Show Theme Song
[Prod By. Oddisee]
Homeboy Sandman – Set It Off [Boysand Remix]

Homeboy Sandman – We Can Fly (Nourishment ‘Second Helpings’)

2 Hungry Bros. ft. Homeboy Sandman, P.SOLikwuid – What U Know (Open Buffet Mix-tape)

Homeboy Sandman – GrrAHH (Actual Factual Pterodactyl)
J-Live ft. Homeboy Sandman – Fitness (Undivided Attention EP)
DJ Spinna ft. Fresh Daily, Homeboy SandmanP.SO – Get On Down (Sonic Smash)

The Soulful Solly BrownTen Mill speak with the incredible
Homeboy Sandman Part One!

Homeboy Sandman – The Carpenter (The Good Sun)
Homeboy Sandman ft. Fresh Daily – Table Cloth (The Good Sun)

The Soulful Solly BrownTen Mill speak with the amazing
Homeboy Sandman Part Two!

Homeboy Sandman ft. John RobinsonDaniel Joseph – The Things They Carried (The Good Sun)
Homeboy Sandman – Being Haved (The Good Sun)


Incredible freestyle over production from Marc Mac, Rockwilder, De La Soul, James Brown 2 Hungry Bros.

Fresh Daily ft. Homeboy Sandman – Starter Pistol (The Gorgeous Killer In Crimes Of Passion)
P.SO ft. Homeboy Sandman2 Hungry Bros. – Blow The Horns (More Jelly Mixtape)
Kyle Rapps ft. KRS OneHomeboy Sandman – Love Love
Homeboy Sandman ft. P.SO – Wise Up (Actual Factual Pterodactyl)
Ricky ShabazzThe Boom Bap Boys ft. Homeboy Sandman – Shouts To Common (Free Shabazz)
Homeboy Sandman – Buttermilk (Nourishment ‘Second Helpings’)
2Hungry Bros.8th W1 ft. Homeboy Sandman – No Harm [Modified Party Version]

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