Rise of the Underground @ Le Poisson Rouge – 2.3.11


I don’t know what to say about this show, or what words to use to describe what happened on the stage at Le Poisson Rouge. All I can say is that (MISS!) Kimberly Nichole, Sophia Urista, Jaiden (The Cure), Rahbi and (MR!) Charles Perry brought down the house…a packed house, I might add. When I arrived at the venue, the line stretched down the block, and I knew it was going to be a special night. EYE2025* provided the music until the aforementioned artists each graced the stage and left everything on it. The crowd loved every minute of it! From Kimberly Nichole’s ever-changing tutus, back-breaking poses, panty-flashing and seemingly out-of-body experiences, to Sophia Urista’s powerful vocals and rock-inspired set, to Jaiden’s versatility and touching lyrics, to Rahbi’s glitter & gold display of gorgeousness, to Charles Perry’s army of talented background singers and beautiful ladies-in-waiting, “Rise of the Underground” was quite a show for the senses. Even though we are only in February, it has already claimed its place in my “Best of 2011.” Many thanks to Kimberly Nichole and Anshia Tull of Briclyn Entertainment for inviting me to cover this fabulous event!

Please check out some of my photos from that night, and I encourage you to support the artists who are destined to be stars!

Kimberly Nichole: www.TheYellowBrickJourney.com | @kimnicky

Sophia Urista: sophiasophunky.tumblr.com | @sophiaurista

Jaiden (The Cure): jaidenthecure.bandcamp.com | @jaidenthecure

Rahbi: www.ThePlaGround.com | @rahbi

Charles Perry: myspace.com/charlesperrypage | @mrvocal

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