Maurice Kirya – Supermodel (Video – Directed by Naheem Adio Kujenya)

Late last year, I was invited to participate in a short film set to the music of Maurice Kirya, a singer from Uganda. “Supermodel” is directed by my good friend Naheem Adio Kujena (who also directed the CLASSIC “Lightning Bolt, Lightning Rod” by Homeboy Sandman and “Joystick Madness” by WordSpit), and I had a great time working with some very talented people. I had posted some self-portraits after the shoot, but I’m very excited to share the final result. Kudos to Sade Adeoso, Bode Shitta-Bey, Sean Quincy, Niké Alao, Marc Pryce and The Ghetto Film School!

For more on Naheem Adio: | @naheemadio

One Response to “Maurice Kirya – Supermodel (Video – Directed by Naheem Adio Kujenya)”
  1. Ugandan musician Maurice Kirya is the winner of the Radio France International Discovery Prize for Best New African Artist and the Young Achievers Award for his achievements in music and entertainment.

    Maurice Kirya | Reverbnation

    Maurice Kirya | YouTube

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