I Love My Hair.

I wish Sesame Street made this while I was growing up!

Eric Sosa’s Rhyme & Noodles Vol. 2 Release Party Recap

On January 25th, Eric Sosa celebrated the release of “Rhyme & Noodles Vol. 2” at the post Greenhouse in Manhattan. The club was filled to capacity and it was amazing to see everyone come out and support Sos… Kudos to Danielle Thornton of Sosa Management, Imperial Marketing Group and everyone who made this event possible. … Continue reading

“The New Flesh” Is Coming!

Anticipating the release of “The New Flesh” by Far Rock MC Top $ Raz… He released the artwork for the album and it’s fantastic! Hats off to Joann Gomez (Music Looks Like This) for the (SICK!) photos, Marthalicia Matarrita for the artwork and Fresh Daily for the graphics! I stumbled across Raz’s promo video for … Continue reading

What Does YC Stand For?

Ever wonder what the YC in “YC the Cynic” actually means? After watching this video, I’m even more confused then when we used to ask people to decipher 8THW1‘s “Love, Money and Music” tees. Maybe YC will tell us at his release show on March 1st.  

Pardon The Stranger – Cold Reply

It’s Tuesday! Which means another leak from Pardon the Stranger! This week, check out “Cold Reply.” Download it if you like it…Their next project “Amongst Other Things” will be out soon.  


“Grenade” by Bruno Mars seems to be the cover song of choice these days. Scattered about the dozens, maybe hundreds? of cover videos on YouTube, check out two from some of my favorite artists: Gotham Citi: http://www.gotham-citi.com | youtube.com/gothamciti | @gothamciti Cocoa Sarai: http://www.cocoasarai.com | youtube.com/cocoasaraiTV | @cocoasarai And here’s the original by Bruno Mars:

Cocoa Sarai Sings National Anthem at Madison Square Garden – 2.9.11

I’m so proud of Cocoa Sarai’s journey, and I wish I could’ve been at MSG to witness this, but I’ll let the video tell the story. Congrats!

Nyle – “F.A.N.G.” (Video)

Easily one of my favorite songs off “Capstone EP,” I was geeked to find out that Nyle dropped a video for “F.A.N.G.” today! Don’t know what that stands for? Let Nyle explain it. (Side note: So I JUST found out what “O.P.P.” REALLY meant a few months ago. SMH) Links: http://www.nyleraps.com | nyle.bandcamp.com | @nyleraps

Cocoa Sarai – “My Funny Valentine” (Download)

Pretty cover of “My Funny Valentine” by Cocoa Sarai… It made me smile listening to it. Hope it will do the same for you. Enjoy… Cocoa Sarai – “My Funny Valentine” (Download) Links: http://www.cocoasarai.com | @cocoasarai

DJ Kraff Swagger – “It’s All Love…2” (Download)

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, check out the latest mixtape from DJ Kraff Swagger entitled “It’s All Love…2.” It’s a collection of slow jams to provide the soundtrack to your Love Day. Shouts to Fresh Daily on the cover art! Download “It’s All Love…” on djkraffswagger.bandcamp.com. | @kraff