Wonder Woman Spotlight: TreZure Empire

Since March is Women’s History Month, I decided to honor my fellow ladies by highlighting certain of my peers whom I consider Wonder Women of Today. Beauty…talent… smarts… all around AWESOME. These women wear many hats, and I’m so happy to know them and have them in my circle. Look for a new Wonder Woman Spotlight every day this month!

(photo courtesy of TreZure Empire via Facebook)

Today, I chose to spotlight TreZure Empire, a singer/teacher. Some people mistake us for sisters – even her own relatives! I’m not mad at all. After seeing her perform countless times, I still can’t describe her music. But I will tell you without a doubt that it’s DOPE. TreZure is awesome because her calling is diaspora music history. She sings in English and Portuguese without so much as a blink of the eye; in fact, my friend Cynthia and I taught her this song in Creole for our fundraiser for Haiti last year and she learned it in AN HOUR. Don’t believe me? Check this out:

I’m so proud of TreZure because she’s currently living out her dreams, and I couldn’t be happier for her! Fresh off a trip to Japan as a featured performer during Japan Music Week, she recently opened for Bilal, one of her mentors. In a week’s time, she will be traveling to Liberia to perform with African singer KAMEKO on his “Tired Of Being Broke” tour. Next month officially kicks off the tour, and they will be travelling throughout West Africa!

(photo courtesy of TreZure Empire via Facebook)

There’s so much more I could say about TreZure, but I’ll leave that for you to discover… all I know is that she’s poised to take over the world!

For more on TreZure Empire: Facebook | Bandcamp | Twitter

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