Wonder Woman Spotlight: Marthalicia Matarrita

(photo courtesy of Marthalicia Mataritta via Facebook)

I met Marthalicia Mataritta at the beginning of my photography career, when I was shooting this party at Libation every Thursday night. Right as you walked into the spot, there was this area by the bar where painters would set up and do live art the whole night. No disrespect to the talented gentlemen such as Pesu and Riz22, the resident artists, but I was geeked one night to see a woman doing it…that woman was Marthalicia. She has this positive energy that just emanates from her, and I was always so happy to talk to her and admire her work. In the weeks, months and now years since our first encounter I learned so much about her – like how she’s a veteran, a mother of a talented young boy who is a legendary artist in the making, and can throw down just like her b-boy brother, Atomic.

Marthalicia is the resident artist at the monthly Bondfire, hosted by fellow Wonder Woman Tasty Keish and The Bronx Uber Villain, but you may have seen her at countless events in NYC. She was recently tapped to lend her talents to the Sundance Festival and travelled to Utah to create portraits for some of the many celebrities who attended. But the beauty of Marthalicia is her desire to tell the story of other artists, like herself. In the summer of 2009, she brought together several of her colleagues to create “The Artist Process.” You can check it out below:

Currently, Marthalicia documents fellow artists in a series entitled “Art Episodes” which can be found on YouTube.

(photo courtesy of Marthalicia Matarrita via Facebook)

I proudly call Marthalicia my sister and invite you to follow her journey at marthaliciaart.blogspot.com.

One Response to “Wonder Woman Spotlight: Marthalicia Matarrita”
  1. Marthalicia Matarrita says:


    I am beyond moved … by your write up, about placing time to compose such a beautiful write up about our creative spark in our careers… You are amamzing, and I will forever be greatful for your spirit and love for others..

    Thank you for this, …. you are my sister!

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