Wonder Woman Spotlight: NattyNight

If you’re an independent hip hop artist and you don’t know who NattyNight is, slap yourself. Right now.

One of the most vital contributors to documenting hip hop culture in NYC, NattyNight is an unsung hero. Along with her brother, Donovan Kasp, they record performances of everyone, and I mean EVERYONE (or just about) on the indie circuit. Natty alone has over 4,000 videos of performances from hip hop and rock shows; I’m pretty sure if you YouTubed yourself, you’ll find footage of your self courtesy of Natty or Donovan. I met Natty through her brother a little over three years ago during a show at Southpaw, and the rest is history.

Often spotted wearing a red fitted, who else do you know who can record AND take photos at the same time? NattyNight’s coverage of performances is truly the total package. But what sets her apart from the other videographers is her professionalism and research in order to properly label each video. Her YouTube tags are so detailed that I might mistake her for a Virgo =)

NattyNight is well-respected in the community and her support is unmatched. I can’t wait for the day when this “music documentarian”‘s work is properly acknowledged. I’m honored to have Natty as a friend and partner-in-crime!

For more on NattyNight: YouTube | Blog #1 | Blog #2Portfolio | @nattynight

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