Street Etiquette – “Sartorial Sounds”


[sahr-tawr-ee-uhl, -tohr-]


1. of or pertaining to tailors or their trade: sartorial workmanship.
2. of or pertaining to clothing or style or manner of dress:sartorial splendor.

Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs of men’s style blog Street Etiquette concocted this awesome project called “Sartorial Sounds” which marries their love of style with music, including talented singers, rappers, poets and even tap dancers. The video was initially presented during their Q&A session at the Apple Store in Soho a few weeks ago, and I was so impressed by their work, research and our mutual respect for the young, talented artists of our generation. Please enjoy this piece and look out for more from these two talented gentlemen in the near future.

“Sounds integrates both music and style, two elements embedded in every culture past and present. We think it’s important to remember that everyone is an artist in their own right. And it’s the life experiences we encounter that provoke what we splash on our own blank canvas. We assembled seven individuals to partake in this editorial. The finished product incorporates their individual talents such as spoken word, rapping, singing and tap.”

Artists included: Jesse Boykins III, Joekenneth Museau, Joshua Bennett, Melo-X, Mara Hruby, Rinaldy Alvarez, Theo Martins

Shot and directed by Dr Woo: @DrWooArt

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